Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly

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By: Spencer Durrant and Morissa Schwartz

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Star quarterback Gunnar Rawlings has life all figured out. He has everything a senior in high school could want – admiration of the entire town, status as the best quarterback Blackridge High has ever seen, and a scholarship to UCLA. Everything in Gunnar’s life is going according to plan.
Then he meets Carrie Jennings.
Falling in love with the marching band geek has its social ramifications, but Gunnar has no idea his entire life is about to be rewritten through a series of small moments.
As Gunnar falls harder for Carrie, he discovers there’s more to life than practice, games, and preparing for UCLA in the fall. He finds true happiness, true love, and above all, he learns what it means to fly.
An emotional roller coaster, the story of Gunnar and Carrie teaches us all to live life deliberately, chasing our dreams, in spite of whatever adversity we may face.

Spencer Durrant is a fly fishing writer and novelist from Utah. Learning to Fly is his debut novel. He authors multiple monthly fly fishing columns for local and national publications, is Owner/CEO of Wasatch Writing Services, LLC, Marketing Director for Trout Life, and the Utah Jazz Correspondent for Ogden, Utah’s Standard-Examiner. He loves steak, Mtn Dew, good folk music, and the solitude of the Rocky Mountains. If he’s not at home writing, he’s out fishing. Connect with him on Twitter or Instragram @Spencer_Durrant, or on Facebook @spencerdurrantauthor.

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