Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals in Action

Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals in Action

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By: Masami Sato and Paul Dunn

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In 2015, a group of well-respected business leaders got together in Geneva. People like Sir Richard Branson, Paul Polman and Bill Gates.
And what they launched that day gave the world something new; something we’ll look back on as a critical moment in time.
They laid out a plan for business to save our world.
The plan had 17 goals and they gave us until 2030 to reach those goals.
This plan became the Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) or the Global Goals. Think of it as a pathway for business and a pathway for humanity.
This brilliantly conceived and crafted book shows how ‘ordinary’ people are adopting, embracing and applying the goals and directly changing our world. More importantly, this book shows you how you can tread that pathway with them.

Alexander Inchbald, Andrew Bachour, Ben Walker, Bernadette Sarginson, Brian Keen, Catherine Yang, Cheryl Angela, Chris Beks, Christopher Wick, Craig Doyle, David Keith, Deanne Firth, Deborah Harris, Douglas Barra, Dr Hanan Al-Mutawa, Dr Madhav Narayan Sathe, Gary Tho, Goh Swee Chen, Harvee Pene, Heather Yelland, Helen Campbell, Jamie Selby, Jeannie and Paul McGillivray, Jeremy Bentham, Joanna Oakey, Jody Ann Johnson, Joshua Ngoma, Karen Longwith, Karina Grassy, Kirsten Hawke, Kristy Castleton, Linda Saddlemire, Louisa Lee, Masami Sato, Mathew Colin Davis, Monty Hooke, Natalie Jameson, Pam Featherstone, Paul Polman, Peter Fowler, Richard Flanagan, Robert Lee, Russell Byrne, Shane Black, Shannon Burford, Sian Conway, Stacey Kehoe, Stella Petrou Concha, Steve Pipe, Susie Hutchison, Susan Dean, Paul Dunn and Yves Daccord.

DISCLAIMER: I'm biased — I helped put all of the authors together (and added a tiny introduction too).

But make no mistake, this really is a classic, inspiring and beautifully helpful book to help you explore what we can do to make a huge difference in our world — all linked around the 17 Global Goals.

It's honest, gutsy and from the heart.

And it gives you a pathway to do great things in our world too.

- aurelia_kim

As an entrepreneur, I have hands-on experience with the various ways business can change the world. Entrepreneurs are needed today more than ever to help solve our most challenging problems. This book helped me to understand the WHY behind entrepreneurship and business... WHY it's needed now more than ever... and HOW I can explain that to family and friends. It also lit a massive fire under my arse to get going and make it happen. LET'S DO THIS!!

- maisie_white

This book offers a clear insight into what the UN sustainable development goals are and why they exist. By clearly highlighting the current world issues (poverty, clean water, environmental etc.) and then providing context from real life changemakers you will understand how everyone can effect change regardless of their resources and help achieve the UN goals. This is a book that inspires hope that we can change the world at a time that politicians are taking that hope away. Please buy the book and take action immediately!

- anne_howard

An inspirational read. Just by reading this book you are already adding to the legacy that will contribute to the benefit of the world. More than this though, it makes you think, be curious, question your very existence and ask "what can I do to leave a legacy?" or "how can I help and contribute to the action being taken already?" Love it.

- gabriela_richardson

Educational reading, every body should read this to help save the planet , simple things to do that will help .

- markus_allen

This book contains hope! At a time of huge uncertainty, the many authors here offer a map to a fairer world. I am inspired!

- quincy_garcia

Brilliant read😊

- astrid_wilson

It's so good to read about business owners all over the world sharing how you can build an impactful business. There are so many perspectives in this book that it really is an engaging read.

- liv_howard

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