LEGO Harry Potter Hogwart's Castle 4842 (Discontinued by manufacturer)

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwart's Castle 4842 (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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I bough this for my ten year old son and he loved it he built it in about 2 days. It may be a bit pricey but it Is worth it .

- benjamin_garcia

The 8 year old really enjoyed putting it together but it was a bit much for the 6 year old. However, the 6 year old loves to play with it now that it is assembled. The pieces were all there and it takes a full day to assemble, even with adult assistence. This turned out to be one of their favorite gifts.

- zoe_green

My wife wanted this set for the longest time. Alas, I waited too long and the price went up when it was discontinued. However, I STILL feel like the extra money was well worth it for this amazing set. We had a ton of fun building it together. We are huge Harry Potter nerds (I even have a Deathly Hallows tattoo), and the attention to detail in this set is incredible. I can't wait to eventually share it with our future children. My only complaint is that it didn't include Ron.

- matias_scott

Another winner from Lego and Harry Potter. There is great detail (chandeliers, torches, flags, etc.) that makes Hogwarts even more fun to play with.

- carter_white

Product as described. Upgraded shipping for free. Quite expensive compared to the original list price, but then that was known. All OK.

- eden_hill

Great fun to build and looks great built!

- darian_taylor

Christmas present for my 5th grader Potter-head. Biggest smile. Once she opened this present, she had almost no interest in opening any other presents. She sat down and worked on assembling this entire kit...and introduced me to each character and described each room and what happened there. We've kept it up on the dining room table...and she moves the characters around telling me the stories. VERY HAPPY KID! (Plus, skilled at following assembly instructions!)

- skyler_rogers

We expected this would keep out 10 year old daughter busy for Winter Break - not the case. She did it in about a day and a half and has it out on display with all her other Harry Potter Lego's. She loves them. Just need the Hogwarts Express for her now...

- raelynn_white

This was my last major piece to complete my collection and I have saved the best to last it seems. Good clear instructions, although I was a bit worried when I saw 10 bags and 3 books to put it together! Solid although I should have made it in the room where it was going to be displayed as it was dropped going up the stairs!
Great attentoion to details, especially the food in the great hall. Hard for small children to complete without adult help. being ana adult it took approx 6 hours to build over 3 days, well worth the effort and money. A must buy for any Harry Potter fan.

- eliezer_myers

My daughter (5) and I build this castle together. The instructions were very good and clear and to be honest, I barely had to help her to build this. Now that it is done it is the centre of a lot of great stories my daughter makes up around the castle. Fun for kids and fun for adults who play with their children! Also it's just very nice to look at for all those Lego fans out there!

- silas_martin

This remains one of the best of the large Lego sets we ever purchased - it's play value has gone on and on and it remains played with in all it's glory by dozens of visiting children- fantasies and dreams begin here- brilliant

- patrick_peterson

This was bought for my 11-year old daughter. She is a big Harry Potter fan and has had hours of fun building and playing with this set. I think that Lego is great as it allows kids to be constructive and imaginative. Much cheaper than we could get it in toy-shops.

- carlos_young

I can't really rate this item correctly as it is a Christmas gift but my grandson Im sure will be very pleased.
Initially there were problems with delivery and the item did arrive late but this was an issue with the delivery agents. I must say the customer service at Amazon did all they could to resolve the issue. Very helpful.

- cecelia_lewis

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