LEGO Harry Potter: Aragog In The Dark Forest (4727)

LEGO Harry Potter: Aragog In The Dark Forest (4727)

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Good quality product. Works fine. Fun to play with

- kristopher_kim

I admit I do not love spiders. However, plastic spiders are okay. The plastic spider in this Lego set is pretty cool, and while it could have been better, it is fine for limiting the scare factor for younger children.
The challenge factor is limited in this relatively simple Lego set. It is relatively easy to build. However, I do like the opening in the tree for the owl, and the spider web trap that activates when pulling a secret drawer was a nice touch to what would otherwise be a dull Lego set.
The tiny spiders are printed on bricks, thus making them no easier to lose than a standard Lego and similarly no more fragile than a standard Lego.
While the big spider, which is about hand-sized, is not terribly scary, it also minimized a couple of aspects to keep the scare factor low. The fangs are a single piece with minimal movement. The abdomen moves independent of the rest of the body, which is realistic. The two back legs articulate forward and back allowing a limited range of posing. However, that is the extent of the realism, and the average child will learn more from a good article in an appropriate magazine than from this toy. The lack of realism in the spider and the toy's relative simplicity are the main reasons I rate the educational value as only 3 stars.
The toy is a Lego, with all the Lego durability and quality. I enjoy the web trap a lot, which changes what would have been a 3 star Lego set to a 5 star set in terms of fun. I wasn't quite sure why coins were added to the secret drawer that activates the web trap, but more is always better, and the coins can be used as an aid to create your own adventures.
This Lego isn't one of the better Harry Potter kits, but considering the importance of this scene in the second Harry Potter movie, it is an important kit if you plan to collect most of them. I do like the spider, in spite of its inaccuracy, and I like Legos with moving parts better than those without. The price could be the next bracket down for Legos considering what you get. Overall I'd rank this kit as a lower overall value compared to some others, especially in the Harry Potter series, but I'm glad we have it!

- matthew_thomas

This set comes with Harry Potter & Ron Weasly minifigs, a giant Aragog, a green baseplate, mini spiders & their webs, and a number of forest themed pieces. That's about it. Construction was very easy and didn't take more than a few minutes as Aragog snaps together quickly and the rest of the set isn't too sophisticated. I did like the tree that opens and can hide an owl except for the fact that putting the owl in after building the tree is very difficult. On the green baseplate you create a trapping mechanism to get Ron caught up in the spiders and their webs. This is accomplished with a string that, when pulled, lets the webs fall forward. Sometimes they fall forward on their own. I gave this set 4 stars because it is Harry Potter and it is Lego. . .but there's not much else to recommend it unless you count Aragog and the baseplate. If it was a little cheaper, I don't think I would mind, but when you buy every single set you start looking at whether or not they really fulfill the value they promise. Set #4728 is 128 pieces. . .if you aren't keen on having a complete set then you might want to steer clear of this set because you can get Harry and Ron minifigs in Escape from Privet Drive. Side Note: I'm not fond of spiders so perhaps that has made me somewhat biased against this set. If you love spiders, then I guess a giant Aragog is just what you're looking for. :)

- malakai_sanders

Ok so it's not much of a forest. One tree. But I have adapted it, buying a set of 10 trees and 25 shrubs, building the model on a board 4x the size and placing all the greenery round it, I think I boast the best Forbidden Forest yet! The spider is amazing and can be combined with the tree cleverly to create a whomping Willow. And the main part is ingenious. A simple string to pull which tightens a loop around three webs, pulling them inwards and trapping whoevers inside. Great design. Great product.

- oliver_rodriguez

My six year old son loves Harry Potter! He loves reading about the creatures in the books and this seemed like a perfect fit for a kid who also loves Lego.

- boone_taylor

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