Lenovo Thinkpad T420 - Intel Core i5 2520M 8GB 320GB Windows Professional (Renewed)

Lenovo Thinkpad T420 - Intel Core i5 2520M 8GB 320GB Windows Professional (Renewed)

Posted by mturchin | Published 8 months ago

Purchased At: $289.79

Before I start I wanted to share that I am a Director of Information Technologies and I only purchase Lenovo Think Pads for Windows laptops - so I have a lot of experience with these.

I have given this a two start rating only because the description says that they are "This Certified Refurbished product is tested & certified to look and work like new by a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher." - but they do not "look" new, one first run and short testing they do operate as new.
I have ordered two T420 from this seller - perhaps the issue comes down in part to what is consider refurbished?

On the first machine the right front corner where the top and bottom come together overlap each other at the headphone jack.
This is because either the top or bottom case is not the correct part to match up to the other, the mold lines don't match.
Last for this machine - it has thin sticker 'skin" on the top deck of the keyboard area of the case. It gives the case the classic stipple texture that the Lenovo's have and I imagine covers any imperfections from previous use. This skin is on the top deck, although not very noticeable to the eye but the skin is very noticeable to the touch. This skin is not going to last long as the edges are already lifting. On the first T420 the right corner again, top deck, the skin is not sticking so it was already raised, so it will not be long before it starts to peel off.

I was hoping that on the second T420 it would be in better condition.
The first notable issue is the screen and visible light distorted vertical lines which look like scratches but are not noticeable to the touch.
Lenovo screens are made up of layers so this is some kind of scratch or imperfection in the layer. Notice in the picture that you can see the screen pixel grid but the vertical distortions appear as scratches to the eye.
Back to the top deck - the right rear corner the top deck and bottom are not together - this time the problem is not the wrong part its just not assembled correctly.

This machine also as a skin that gives the case the classic stipple texture that the Lenovo's have. This skin is on the top deck and although not very noticeable as a skin to the eye, edges of the skin are very noticeable to the touch. As example if you are using the touch pad and slide your fingers to the mouse buttons your fingers hang on the edges of the skin that have been placed on the mouse buttons. The skin actually makes the button taller than the mouse touch pad. This skin is not going to last long as the edges are already lifting. The lid or back of the screen also has the same skin which has a couple of air bubbles and the edge at the hinge side is lifted.

I checked the hard drive Date of Manufacture which shows a DOM of 2011. I would expect that the Hard Drive being the most commonly failed part and one of the most critical to be a with a newer DOM.

So both machines run good, fast and have the Lenovo solid feel one would expect. Keyboards on both look new, The hinges are tight and function like new and all other features function as expected.
For whatever it is worth I have Lenovo laptops that are 10 years old. Dropped? No problem! Cracked case, yep still running!
Sure I replaced the hard drive and upgrade RAM but these machine are great. So - if you are ok with a good used laptop these are worth the money.

- Anonymous

1st off - I really like these laptops. The machine use itself seems better than expected in performance - just what I expect from Lenovo - thank you! : )

However, the OS was not as advertised. I read the ad as including Windows 7 Pro was the only reason I purchased.

Instead, it came with Windows 10 (one of the 10 type offerings). Froze during setup many times! Turned out to be a bad load (it happens - especially depends on whether or not the partition sectors were actually complete 'wiped'. My bet is that these are not cleaned to that extent as for many users, its not an issue -- but I operate off of (and expect) higher tolerances with more reliable principles and proper data removal before a reload; is critical in my experience), but would not have been as painful it was Win 7 -- something I could have more readily dealt with.

This issue has cost me additional wasted time and money:
- new purchase of Win7 Pro license
- lost a few DAYS trying to find drivers to work with Win 7 as they are out of support and had many options to choose from in specific component and chipset, good luck getting everything working. By driver 'working' I mean, is also compatible with others, etc.

- Anonymous

I am very happy with this laptop that runs great and looks like it is brand new. I have few ThinkPad's of all sizes and wanted to replace one of my 14" ThinkPad that had a board issue and another that was running AMD. Anyway this laptop runs great and the Windows 10 icon popped up, so I may or may not upgrade. It has an express card slot and installed a SD card reader in the slot. Battery life seems good with the extended battery.

All components of the laptop work. I used the cd to install Photoshop and MS Office. It doesn't come with the bundle programs, but just the generic Windows stuff. It did come with an older Window Defender that I upgraded to the newer security essentials..

- Anonymous

Recieved my t420 from klamp electronics fulfilled by Amazon, it didn't take me more than 10 seconds after it booted for me to figure out there were multiple tiny black spots on the screen indicating dead pixels. On top of that, anytime I scrolled down a webpage or had any kind of video playing, a certain section of the screen would continually flicker. Those are major problems for me considering I paid 280 dollars for a "certified refurbished" laptop that wasn't supposed to have problems. I also noticed a few days after the price went back up to 320, which is a complete rip off considering I got the same t420 laptop at a local refurbishing company near me for 140 DOLLARS LESS (180$), for a laptop that looks amazing, has no signs of wear and tear and a beautiful screen, unlike the one I received from klamp electronics which was visibly heavily used, had multiple areas showing signs of wear, keys that were bent, and an extremely defective screen. They offered to replace it after a few days of badgering them, but after I thought about it, I couldn't see why I would take another chance on a company that would send me this laptop in the first place. I ended up going on Craigslist and getting THE SAME LAPTOP, IN WAY BETTER SHAPE FOR 140$ LESS. I realize some people have received very nice laptops from klamp but do keep in mind, YOU MIGHT NOT GET A GOOD ONE!!! terrible experience, terrible price, terrible product. Please click if you found this helpful

- Anonymous

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