Let's Do...Organic Heavy Coconut Cream, 13.5 Ounce Can, White

Let's Do...Organic Heavy Coconut Cream, 13.5 Ounce Can, White

| Published 8 months ago

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You have got to be kidding... I did NOT pay 14 bucks for ONE CAN in this big freaking box. If I could give zero stars I would!

- eugene_wilson

Did you say "KETO"? What is this HEAVY stuff mean? So, you're on this new adventure with being fat adapted, which means that instead of your body & brain wanting sugar/carbs that turn into glucose/glycogen...you burn both sugars AND fats. So, how can this help? Well, read on...

As YOU can see in the photo...this heavy coconut cream is thick! Much thicker than the Thai coconut used only for soups...yummy there. I just pulled this out of the refrigerator and it is like loose jello before it has fully hardened. You can see the indentation still on the surface from my spoons scoop.

And in the photo you see my Saturday morning HEAVEN. There is the metal coffee drip filter which I used with a doubled coffee filter which had been rinsed with ordinary tap water to remove paper flavors...so, you see a 3 day cold brewed French Roast fine grind coffee slider that has NO BITTERNESS & IT IS NATURALLY SWEET TOO. 2 TABLE of Heavy Coconut Cream...and today stronger Vietnamese rather than Madagascar cinnamon sitting right on top of my coffee. Then, my home grown limes which I tested with a MICROPLANE wonder. This zest adds a subtle brightness to my cup of Joe! Peruvian organic cacao sits on the left glass jar...none today. On the right are salt from Maldon in the UK and a Japanese seaweed salt in which each grain seems to be "handmade" from the inland seas...magical.

But I digress!

The coconut flavor is spectacular!

In case you didn't get it, it's simply out of this world!

Does it taste like raw coconut? Well, actually it tastes like heavy cow's cream which sat in a mound of fresh coconut pulp overnight. If someone didn't tell you there's no dairy and that there is coconut...YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY MISS IT COMPLETELY. Again, just a slight hint of coconut.

As YOU stir it...it gently evenly mixes with my cold coffee.

Recall, this keto friendly coffee has NO BITTERNESS because I brewed it without the heat which pulls out the acidic oils that are bitter! So, my coffee is deeeeee icious! Want some? I know you do.

The kiss of zested lime sits on the top of my cup as if it was a floral note...like sipping coffee on the front porch of a bungalow on the island of Bora Bora after a gentle rain left birds chirping on the still damp leaves...sipping coffee, watching the sun rise, feet up on a railing...letting the mind wander over the best Heavy Coconut Cream with lime zest, Vietnamese cinnamon and cold-brewed coffee. Heaven! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

- dawson_myers

I thought the $14 price point was going to be a case of this product, when it showed up as one can I was seriously disappointed. No can of cream is worth $14 in my opinion.

- kaleb_wood

Delicious! The consistency is just like that of whipping cream. I initially bought this to use in dairy free ice cream and ended up having to order more for that as I've been using this in my coffee and tea. Simple, clean ingredients and excellent taste. What more could you ask for? I highly recommend this product. It is absolutely lovely.

- gage_ramirez


- kamden_young

This is the worst! I was excited as it is organic - what a fail! It is lumpy and smells awful - like it was rancid. I tried to use it but no go - need to keep looking - going to try Trader Joes

- adalyn_king

Purchased two cans but unfortunately one came opened but pkg was fine.....thought about sending back but not worth the mess... probably will order through a different company ☹️

- marcus_patel

The first time I purchased this coconut cream, it was the BEST tasting one on the market, believe me I think I tried them all. But in the next order which arrived this week (through an organic website, not Amazon) the taste is very different and disappointing. In addition, it doesn't solidify in the fridge anymore. What happened? Let's Do Organic: what is going on with quality control? This is NOT the same product I purchased before. Why has it changed into an inferior version, and why did you not notify on the label the product has changed? I'll be looking for another product...

- joshua_hill

There is something wrong with this. I have bought this exact brand at my local health food store and was able to use it to make coconut whipped cream. The two cans I bought from amazon were hard and chalky. I thought it was just one can but the second was exactly the same. Neither can was past its best before date so I can only assume it’s a fake product. I cannot recommend purchasing it.

- fernanda_allen

I was very disappointed in this product. I wanted to make whip cream but it did not whip well and had a hard crust on the top that left the cream with hard bits in it.

- anderson_patel

It's really good and very shelf-stable. I hesitate to say, my only criticism is that it tastes like coconut (which you'd expect from the label .. ) because I wanted a shelf-stable whipping cream replacement for when I run out and can't get to the store. That said, it does what it says on the label and is very good quality!

- sarah_morris

I’ve used many different brands at lower prices with great success. Not sure if I just got a bad can but I won’t be buying this brand again. So disappointed :(

- thalia_chavez

I bought this for my cheesecake in place of dairy. Worked and tasted far better with the hint of coconut. Will use it again for recipes that require cream, whipped or not. Was very thick but I had it in the back of my fridge which is very cold.

- justin_sanchez

Excellent pure cream. I made coconut cream pie and it was soooo creamy and delicious. I will only purchase this cream as the others I have looked at list guar gum in the list of ingredients.

- wade_morris

I used this to make (vegan) tiramisu. It's very thick and decadent. One can yields about the same amount of coconut cream as you would get by refrigerating and removing the cream from 2 cans of regular coconut milk.

- marcel_mitchell

I buy this at my grocery store all the time and its nice and creamy, but sadly the first time I purchased it here it arrived curdled. We use it in our coffee so consistency is key. Will not be purchasing this brand via amazon again. Clearly its a shipping or storage issue.

- leandro_moore

Many compliments and surprised faces! This product is a keeper!

- beckett_sanchez

This coconut cream is the creamiest I've found yet. I ordered it again but its taking a very long time to get to me now. I guess everyone has caught on.

- kenley_diaz

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