Let Love Find You: Seven steps to open your heart to love

Let Love Find You: Seven steps to open your heart to love

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By: John Selby

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You are looking for love, but never seem to meet the person of your dreams. Where are you going wrong? How can you invite true love and sexual satisfaction into your life? John Selby has the answers to these and any other questions you may have about improving your love life and creating relationships that work. With tried-and-tested techniques, expert guidance and inspiring examples, he explains how you can overcome the barriers that lie between you and the love of your life.

You will discover how to heal past hurts; boost your sex appeal; give out all the right signals; make the most of each encounter and find the partner who is right for you. Your perfect lover is out there, somewhere - Let Love Find You will show you how to bring that special person into your life.

The exercises are uncomfortable at times--you have to really face the truth of your feelings, intentions, wants, needs, etc. However, I feel they are definitely increasing my sense of calm and self-contentment. Some of the meditation experiences have been transforming and very powerful, particularly the experience of connecting with your future life mate/lover. However, they do require regular practice and sometimes the feelings you experience are painful if this is what is in your heart at that particular time. As the author states in the book, it is more of workbook that is intended to be re-read and the exercises repeated over time to help you work through all the necessary stages of attracting your next love.

- kalel_ward

I have been reading this book for about a month and I really enjoy the meditation which helps you feel good and relaxed throughout your entire body. I do this meditation at work when I feel stressed and I am beginning to feel more confident and more attractive. I have recently met someone that I have been on about three dates with and when I am out with him, I feel very confident and sexy thanks to the meditations in this book.

- lillian_clark

Great book, with good tools to find love, the audio recordings are also very good to have available, he has a good way of teaching

- haven_jimenez

Great book! Helped me so much

- tommy_rodriguez

This is an excellent book on improving your mindset to attract romantic love into your life. It'll help you let go of your baggage and clear the way for a new love. He lays out a program of what to do with your mind during quiet moments, to set yourself up for love. This is the first book I've read by Selby, and now I must look at his other books, because this writer has much wisdom to impart and the book was a pleasure to read too.

- brock_lee

Excellent book

- evalyn_phillips

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