Leviton 2710 30 Amp, 125/250 Volt, Flush Mounting Locking Receptacle, Industrial Grade, Grounding, V-0-MAX, pack of 1, Black

Leviton 2710 30 Amp, 125/250 Volt, Flush Mounting Locking Receptacle, Industrial Grade, Grounding, V-0-MAX, pack of 1, Black

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This is a heavy duty nicely made L14-30 female receptacle that is designed to handle 30 amps at 240v. Each of the wires slide into a slot. There are 2 slots on each side, they are clearly marked with W,G,X,Y for the 4 wires used.

This receptacle is well made and doing the job nicely. I firmly tighten down the #10 wire (which needs to be used to support the 30 possible amps). It's designed to hold this size wire.

I primarily use this to supply power to my welder. The welder sits on a cart that I built with a power distribution center on it. I run a cord from the cart over to the wall where I have an L14-30 female to plug this into. It works well and I really like the locking connection, it keeps things plugged in if there's a little tension on the cords.

The main reason for selecting this plug when I designed my welding cart is because it works with most of the 240v generators out there. Generators use this plug because it can handle 30 amps at 240v for about 7500 watts of power (30 x 240 = 7200) Use extreme caution if you backfeed info your home with this plug.

There are 2 main concerns to watch for if you plan to backfeed power.
#1, is that you MUST disconnect the main feed on the house main panel to make sure you are not trying to power up your neighborhood, and that you don't risk shocking a power line worker who might be trying to restore your power. If the power does come back online and your generator was to be connected, you would fry your generator.

#2, is that to back feed a generator with this plug, you end up with a connection setup with 2 male ends. Those ends can be very dangerous if they have power. Connect your wires before turning on the power at your generator to keep from having any shock risk. If your only use for this plug is to backfeed, I suggest using this adapter instead. 

- emelia_green

Reasonably priced, quality product. I paid a little more for the name brand because of the importance of the service.

This should do what it is supposed to - it's just fine but not outstanding.

It came in a bubble envelope and the box was smashed. Not enamored with the packaging but that's not the product's fault.

- finn_gutierrez

I have already bought, used, and reviewed the Leviton 2711 male plug, which I found much higher quality than the cheapo that came with my generator. I just checked this for fit with the plug, and it feels like there is a very positive fit, and presumably, a very good electrical connection. There was actually a click when I rotated the plug, where the socket on my generator just "smooshed". At first, I thought I was having trouble getting the plug out of the socket, but it turns out there is just more insertion and removal drag than I expected. It is a very firm connection. This mounts in any ordinary electrical box, and it will take a cover plate with a 1.55 inch hole (measured with calipers).

- kai_clark

I bought this receptacle for powering my home with a generator in case the power goes out for an extended period of time, and was very please with the quality of the product. I was able to connect it fairly easily, and am confident in its quality when it is needed. If you are looking for the sort of plug that would be used with this outlet, check out:

- brenda_anderson

Very well made. Nice heavy terminals. Wires insert behind the terminals; don't have to wrap wires around screws- easy and solid. Also WAY cheaper than the big name electrical supplier by A LOT!!!
for EXACTLY the same brand and model!

- nolan_gutierrez

Seems like they did a good job with this outlet. Easy to install. Cable locks in tight. Just seems well made. Would order and use again...!

- yamileth_hughes

High Quality, great price NEMA L14 30R Generator or other. 4 wire 240v/ 2x 120v : 2 Hot, 1 neutral, 1 ground #10
Used to connect certain 240v appliances, welder or ??, or back feed from generator, if allowed by electrical code & local inspectors, contact electrician first. Not recommended for installation by non-qualified persons.

- sonia_chavez

Leviton is known for making good electrical products and this is no exception. The receptacle is well built and durable. I purchased this because I'm building a system to connect a generator to my main panel when the power goes out. My power recently went out for a week and it was very difficult to deal with. I plan on being prepared the next time it goes out.I Should have done it years ago. If you're on the fence about getting a backup generator don't wait till the power is out. I did and of course anything you need for temporary power will be sold out and impossible to find when you need it most.

- valentino_peterson

Easy to install for a replacement on a generator

- hayden_kelly

That was ok

- willie_brown

Bon produit livraison rapide

- saylor_robinson

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