Lickin' License: From Lust to Love to Deception and Death

Lickin' License: From Lust to Love to Deception and Death

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By: Intelligent Allah

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Candy is a 31 year old paper chaser who owns Candy's Shop the hottest beauty salon in Harlem. She can have any man she wants, but men are not her thing. She s got a lickin' license as her tongue craves the flesh of pretty young females like her lover, Vera. Candy drives a customized BMW, sports the latest gear and has the beauty and body that most women are intimidated by or wish they had. Everyone who is someone goes to Candy's Shop. Rich, one of Harlem's most powerful drug dealers, gets his hair braided in the shop regularly. One of the stylists, Chanel, is a street smart Brooklyn diva who has a major crush on Rich. She will do whatever it takes to get him into her bed. While Chanel has her eyes on Rich, he s aiming to slick-talk his way into Vanessa's panties. Vanessa is the recently hired 22 year old bohemian beauty that commands everybody s attention. Candy even wants a piece of the pie. She has to compete with Rich, but there s no limit to what she ll do in her effort to turn out Vanessa to the seductive world of lesbian lust. Raging hormones begin to flare, causing jealousy and anger to consume Candy's Shop. Before Candy realizes it, her lust for young women leaves her entangled in a web of lies, love and drama that can destroy her business and cost Candy her life.
I was intrigued by this novel and upon getting it on my Kindle because I was not about to bring a book by this title to work! I was digging the love triangle and thought the drama around that was good enough however towards the end I think Intelligent Allah got an idenity crisis and turned a seemingly romantic street novel into a shoot 'em up bang bang movie .....that I found some of the scenerios to be a lil over the top. I was content on seeing the polyamory aspect explored and see how the three chreacters evolved into a a urban version of BIG LOVE. The sudden turn of events from love to kill or be killed was a complete monkey wrench in the story and I found myself reading but not enjoying the sudden change of storyline so all in all I am hoping the sequel will focus more on that along with the drama but less on the street violence and if any please make it beleviable....again good book I think the author tried to pack one to many genre's in this book......

- ryan_nelson

I am giving this book 3 stars. It started out being pretty interesting but then it started to get bit slow before it picked up again. Overall it was a decent read with a bit of drama, semi-steamy sex, and a tad bit of mystery. The ending CLEARLY indicates that there will be a sequel since it left me hanging totally. It was a decent read and I'm not regretting the purchase. For me it wasn't a page turner, just interesting. It was a tad bit far fetched though. I say that loosely because I once had a close friend who's brother was a real Pimp (lol). He was disowned by his family but that didn't stop his hustle. The two women lived with him, shared his affection and went to work five nights a week with a smile on their face! It was utterly ridiculous, like something out of movie. These two women were not prostitutes but the openly shared the man in every way, with nooooo problem. Everyone involved loved it, drama and all!

- javion_nelson

This book was completely unbelievable!!!!!! Too much freaking sex and not enough umph. The story was so unbelievable. It pains me to even think about it. The only reason I gave it two stars is because the sex scenes were off the hook but it was too much! Seems like every other page was a sex scene. The story should have taken a different turn, maybe skip the 3-way relationship and created a love triangle and brought on tons of drama. Such a disappointment!

- alice_cooper

Great book fun and easy to read

- anastasia_morgan

I did the read inside thing before I bought these two books and I must say, after the first page I thought the book sex scenes would be off the chain. Was I sadly mistaken, that was the best scene of the book. The other scenes were just OK so that was the first disappointment. Past that the book just moved to fast and should have explained more in areas that is skipped past. I felt like the character personality changed just to make a certain part fit in the book although the action didn't really fit the personality of the actor. So Rich is this hard person but after so quick time he was already giving personal information but again that could be cause the pace the book was reading too. Another thing was Vanessa was this so hard to get person but yet she went real quick. I just think the story of the book was very poor and I am almost mad that I bought both books because I can barely finish the first one. I will admit I brought the book bases on Whahilda name on it but I won't do that again. Really expect more after the "read inside".

- cecelia_lewis

This book was a gift and the person that received it was very happy with the book

- adan_martin

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