Life Is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path to Fulfillment

Life Is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path to Fulfillment

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By: Peter Buffett and Random House Audio

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From composer, musician, and philanthropist Peter Buffett comes a warm, wise, and inspirational book that asks which you will choose: the path of least resistance or the path of potentially greatest satisfaction?

You may think that with a last name like his, Buffett has enjoyed a life of endless privilege. But the son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett says that the only real inheritance handed down from his parents was a philosophy: Forge your own path in life. It is a creed that has allowed him to follow his own passions, establish his own identity, and reap his own successes.

In Life Is What You Make It, Buffett expounds on the strong set of values given to him by his trusting and broadminded mother, his industrious and talented father, and the many life teachers he has met along the way.

Today's society, Buffett posits, has begun to replace a work ethic, relishing what you do, with a wealth ethic, honoring the payoff instead of the process. We confuse privilege with material accumulation, character with external validation. Yet, by focusing more on substance and less on reward, we can open doors of opportunity and strive toward a greater sense of fulfillment. In clear and concise terms, Buffett reveals a great truth: Life is random, neither fair nor unfair.

From there, it becomes easy to recognize the equal dignity and value of every human life. Our circumstances may vary, but our essences do not. We see that our journey in life rarely follows a straight line but is often met with false starts, crises, and blunders. How we push through and persevere in these challenging moments is where we begin to create the life of our dreams - from discovering our vocations to living out our bliss to giving back to others.

Personal and revealing, instructive and intuitive, Life Is What You Make It is about transcending your circumstances, taking up the reins of your destiny, and living your life to the fullest.

I've just retired and picked up this book to read on the beach in the Caribbean. My husband and I both read it and highly recommend it. Although we loved it, we feel it is an excellent resource for those just out of college or starting their first job, or a high school graduation gift. At a time when it seems like accountability may be at a 'somewhat' low, it puts into perspective that it is up to each of it as the title suggests to plot our life story...whether you start out with a lot of $$ or are trying to break out of a tough situation. Life Is What You Make It walks you through Peter Buffet's personal journey (yes, you may think he had it incredibly easy with Warren as his dad) but the choices he made along the way truly created the life he wanted. We have given it to recent high school and college grads and a young man beginning his first job. The key is getting people to READ these days! Anyway, if you have a nagging desire to switch jobs or careers, are looking to create a different life for yourself, or are retired and what to continue envisioning the rest of your life- the " what's next" , check this book out. You won't be disappointed!

- landry_alvarez

I normally give a wide berth to the books with such lofty titles, but the famous surname of the author caught my attention. I was intrigued, and Peter Buffett did not disappoint.
This is a book that comes from the heart, replete with personal anecdotes and keen insights from every-day life. The style is not pedantic; in fact it’s compassionate. It does not provide any fool proof ways to the wisdom, but gives you enough occasions when you may want to pause and ponder. If at all, it urges you to find your own zen, however troublesome it may be.
The title of the book sums it up well – there is so much in life to look forward to (and live), yet most of us choose to define it with a narrow perspective, in dollar terms or parental/ society expectations. Read it, mark it, and you may feel to go back to it from time to time, to realign your compass.

- evie_carter

I can't tell if I just read a guide to life or a very interesting autobiography. Whichever, it was inspirational. Peter's views are refreshingly balanced, and that is something difficult to find in a polarized society of people whose philosophy is fed to them by their cause, party, or need for peer acceptance. The balance of this book comes from it's study of success and fulfillment. It says success can be fulfilling, and fulfillment is successful. What it doesn't do, is say "quit griping and get to work" nor "forget money, and follow that weird drummer". Balance!

It makes you think about your life choices in a different light. In all of us, that is going to bring both regret and self-satisfaction, since every life is a mix of both. But the punch line is, evaluate and understand how you got where you are, and then get going in the direction you really want, rather than the direction you thought you should (unless they are already in tune). At my age, I also came away with a sense of "It's not too late to succeed" in my definition of what success is. That's highly motivating.

- saoirse_morris

I liked how personal the book was, I could relate to the author in some aspects. I didn’t really get much out of the book, I think, because I don’t really have trouble with a lot of the things he mentioned.
I would recommend this book to somebody who comes from wealth but has a hard time figuring out what they want to do.
I gave it two stars because it the anecdotes seemed cherry-picked, the writing was repetitive, and there weren’t many novel insights, at least to me.

- hamza_king

Not bad at all but if you are already big into self-development you will get bored. There's nothing very advanced there, it is more for parents who need a bit of guidance for the future of their kids, and for dummies in self-development who never really ask themselves a lot of questions in life.
But if you already have tens of books on self-development you might want to consider passing.

- randall_reyes

Life is really what you make it.This book teaches about charting path for your own life and doing the things you enjoy, just focus on enjoying your life and not put the pressures you see around you on yourself. Never want to be like others or be in some people's league when you're not. I will recommend it for young people who are just planning to face life

- kehlani_perez

While Peter Buffett’s music is magical, I found this book disappointing.

- clay_long

The son of one of world's richest billionaires, Peter Buffett received from his dad what many could call a dubitable inheritance: a $90K check at age 19. Period. Peter was raised to expect nothing unearned. He understood from early on that his father's substantial fortune would never trickle down his way, because he needed to find his own path, prove himself, make his own living, and discover his self-worth, self-respect, and the meaning of his life all on his own. His true inheritance was less tangible: uncompromising moral and ethical values, true love of knowledge and learning, and a strong work ethic that was based not on acquiring wealth but on committing to his passion. Eventually Peter carved out his own successful career as a music composer and author, and later also created a way to give back to society by starting a foundation that helps girls and women find equality and opportunities.

Children born to wealth are often passionless or indifferent: they have little motivation to work because they take everything for granted. Oftentimes, as well, parents misguidedly give to their children in excess, trying to make up for their own lacks while growing up. This little book offers many insights that may help all find the right attitude and perspective to discover true passion and joy in their lives.

- harry_carter

This book is nicely written, but didn't tell me anything I don't already know about life. Then again, I am 45. If I had read it when I was 20, it would have saved a lot of anguish. It's like wise advice from your favourite uncle.

- cairo_rivera

Very insightful read.

- giuliana_rogers

Learning this book is quite good. In this book have so much of unexpected natural thing which we see but not feel, are explained. Reading is full of flow, view of seeing a single life, taking decision all Point are discussing well.

- adaline_richardson

The book is not upto the mark . It seems like it’s a copy of the original print as the pages including the cover page of the book are of very poor quality .. it seems like someone has picked up from the guys selling at traffic signals and sent it .. very disappointed ..

- ensley_cook

I haven't finished the book yet, actually only to the second chapter as I received it today and don't want to put it down. This book should be in the school curriculum in every country. Peter Buffett I will be looking for more of your books! Well written, great flow and keeps you absorbing the information!

- bobby_gray

Must read

- joseph_jackson

Peter Buffett ist super, er ist sehr authentisch und dieses Buch ist eines der Sachen, die einem im Leben wirklich bereichern. Auch wenn man nur die ersten paar Seiten liest, hat sich das Investment ausgezahlt. Sich seine Tipps und Sichtweisen anzuhören, hat sich für mich als sehr hilfreich herausgestellt.

- daleyza_hall

Fantástico libro que me bajé en dos sentadas. Verdaderamente engancha y te hace replantearte muchas cosas. Un libro al que seguro volveré ya que sus lecciones deben tenerse en mente.

No le pongo 5 estrellas por el estado “físico” en el que llego el libro.

- virginia_wilson

This is a book everyone should read. Couldn't buy it earlier as other publications are far too expensive

- braelyn_cooper

A bit boring of a read.

- camron_price

Print not good

- jefferson_sanders

The paper quality is very bad..
N even the cover of book is made of paper.
And they are charging ₹660 for this bad quality 250 pages..

- kace_cooper

Best book to read for life

- carmen_jones

Utile e bello

- jayde_hall

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