Little Miss Complete Collection Books Box Set By Roger Hargreaves

Little Miss Complete Collection Books Box Set By Roger Hargreaves

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Little Miss Complete Collection 36 Books Box Gift
I grew up having the Mr. Men books read to me by my mother in the early 80s. They were always my favorite and “go to” book when I was prompted to select the reading for the night. I, by default, did a search on evening for the Mr. Men books and was pleasantly surprised when the Little Miss Collection popped up on the screen. Needless to say, I ordered them both versions and both my daughter and son and can’t seem to get enough. FYI: The Little Miss Complete Collection Books Box Set did arrive in tact. However, the books are soft cover or in another words, a little more flimsy than the Mr. Men 40th Anniversary box set which are hard cover. It does not matter either way, because the content is the same. However, just wanted to point that difference out.

- lindsey_reed

My 6-year-old son had the basic set of 12 Little Miss/Mister books and asked for the entire collection. I'm so glad we bought both collections. Not only are these great and funny books that my son reads over and over again, they are the types of books we'd want to keep forever (for those future grandkids).

- casey_thomas

Some of the books are NOT that funny, one is scary, and a few are boring. The mr series are more welcome in my home

- ariyah_ramirez

This was the perfect gift for our daughter who loves Little Miss books. Great price too! I was a little disappointed that some books fell apart after the first time we read them though.

- emely_sanchez

The young boys and girls in my life all make a beeline for these books.

- marcus_patel

I love these books!

- rivka_hernandez

My kids love the little mr and little miss series. Nice set of books.

- maximus_jimenez

One side of the box was frayed around the corners and edge. Other than that The books were exactly as described.

- joshua_hill

The Little Miss Collection is a compilation of 36 books from the Little Miss series originally written between 1981 and 2014. The collection includes the latest Little Miss, Little Miss Hug. Two of the characters have had name changes from their original - Little Miss Plump and Little Miss Ditzy are now Little Miss Greedy and Little Miss Dotty. The books are short enough to hold the attention of small listeners and are a hit with a young audience.

The collection is housed in a sturdy little cardboard box with illustrations of the characters on the sides. It is a colourful and fun set of images, reflecting the artwork within. The box holds many more of these small books than are in the collection so it is easy to jumble them around.

The stories themselves are fun and fairly easy to read. They tell stories that at times can be related to or come up with phrases that can be repeated. The characters range from the glowingly positive Little Miss Sunshine through the acrobatic Little Miss Somersault to naughty characters like Little Miss Bad. Some of the naughty characters are punished, often by being tricked or through magic.

Unfortunately some of the other characters do not live up to their promise. Little Miss Helpful is incredibly unhelpful. Little Miss Giggle has lost her giggle. It seems at times that Roger Hargreaves simply doesn't like some of the affectations of little girls.

For an adult the series is not always a great read. The use of exclamations marks! At times that seriously do not merit them! Does die off a little through the collection but is tremendously annoying. The repetition of characters from the Mr Men series is also a disappointment. Little Miss Whoops is exactly Mr Bump. Little Miss Christmas and Mr Christmas are unsurprisingly similar. Even the iconic Litlte Miss Sunshine is hard to distinguish from Mr Happy.

For all the flaws and faults of the Little Miss series, it is remarkably popular with its target audience. Those in the 3-5 year old range seem to absolutely adore the adventures of the Little Miss characters. A good little read for little people.

- ivy_davis

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