Little Miss Pocket Library by Roger Hargreaves (2010-01-04)

Little Miss Pocket Library by Roger Hargreaves (2010-01-04)

Posted by jack_miller | Published 9 months ago

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By: Roger Hargreaves;

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These books are small in content and dimension (they're about 4 inch squares). The container is flimsy and the books have been easily misplaced. The stories are truncated versions of the larger books and are best targeted to pre-K children.

Nothing is inherently bad or wrong about the books and my daughter enjoyed them for a time, but they are not included in the list of those she'll repeatedly set in my lap and ask me to read.

Was disappointed that the Little Misses did not get the Mr. Men 40th anniversary treatment.

- rocco_cruz

My 3 almost 4yr old daughter was introduced to this series in pre-school and loves Mr. Men and Little Miss books! The books in this set are alot smaller than the orginal stories and much shorter versions with only a few pages each story. I did not see this in the description, so that's why I am giving it a 4/5 rating. Shipping came faster than originally predicted though! We will be careful what set we buy next, because the original stories are much better!

- easton_rogers

These are not actually the full stories of the characters. They are very short board books with only a few pages from the original books. I wish the description had been more clear about this.

- joanna_torres

I read these to my daughter and gave them to her daughter to read. These are funny and a great way of making reading fun.

- janessa_price

Just in case it isn't clear, these are pretty small books, but they are cute and easy to read.

- kyrie_anderson

I didn't realize that these are teeny tiny books and it's not the full version of each story. The stories are so short and each book basically repeats the same thing using a different adjective. Very disappointed.

- aubriella_harris

It was probably my fault that I didn't know it was going to be so small. I had seen the regular size books and liked them so when theses came and I realized they did not have all the pages as the larger one I was disappointed.

- adam_kim

My grand daughters love the books.

- alicia_collins

Yes the books are well bound and yes, 6 books are good value for money and yes the size and product quality is good. But it's the books itself ...they're just a tad boring I'm afraid :-/

My 15 month old loves "reading" and she has a number of other book sets in similar formats eg Noddy or Maisy etc. Those books keep my LO's attention a long time and she loves to sit and "talk" to the pictures inside while I read to her. But the problem with the Little Miss books is ...they're largely monochromatic.

For example in Little Miss Naughty, every graphic page (except the last) has a largely blank white space with the round purple Miss Naughty drawn on. There is hardly any background composition -- it's a very empty white space with this fat round grape of a character on it and a little blob of something that she's trying to do. There is nothing to interest the eye further or look at while I read the text out. My daughter doesn't seem impressed .... and this is a baby who LOVES to sit and go through 7 or 8 books at a time in my lap.

A little more graphic composition in the background would do wonders to improve these books which are nevertheless a nice addition to baby's library.

- teagan_howard

I bought this little collection for my 2 year old daughter. There are six small sized books which are very shortened versions of the original. The books are made from thick 'cardboard' style paper so can take quite a battering from little hands.

The books are bright and consist of short stories. On the back of each book there is a picture, and when all six books are placed together they create a six-piece puzzle.

My daughter at the moment loves making the puzzle more but the books are great as an intro to the Little Miss series which I hope to get her when a little older.

- terrance_cox

My 2 year old hasn't paid much attention to these books since we first read them. There isn't really enough to them, there is no story as such, no rhyming...just statements about each Little Miss, which isn't really enough. She'd rather a proper book with a story to it. The case is flimsy too, compared to other mini libraries I've bought, which means it often gets squished.

- edgar_evans

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