Love Between the Covers

Love Between the Covers

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So I got to see Love Between the Covers for the first time at the Popular Culture Association's annual conference in Seattle, March of 2016 - and I loved it on sight. I had been waiting for the opportunity to view documentary since I first heard about it's creation, and I avidly followed it's progress when it was making its rounds at the documentary festivals in the time between its release and the PCA conference. I was half in love, I think, before the title screen even rolled.

I had previously seen the documentary "Guilty Pleasures" which had run on PBS, and while enjoyable it had been a little shallow and even a little critical of the romance readers who served as the documentary's focus. So I was excited, hungry even, for something new. Something in depth and up to date - something extraordinary!

Laurie Kahn (who is the absolute nicest person by the way) and her team did a bang-up job on Love Between the Covers. The romance community is widespread and complicated, so it would have been impossible to get everything that needed to be said into one 90 minute documentary. But that being said they got as much in there as they possibly could about our history as a genre and a community; about our diversity of backgrounds (for readers and writers) and our LACK of diversity when it comes to POC or LGBT writers and characters; and about the stigmas we face and the way in which we band together to overcome them.

The minute that LBtC released on digital I snatched up a copy, and I've watched it easily a half-a-dozen times since. What is more I recommend it to everyone. Fellow English students and scholars, friends, family, and my friends from the romance community who haven't seen it yet. And if you haven't watched it yet, trust me now is the time. Whether you're a long time romance reader, or someone who isn't sure they know what a romance really is, or even a romance "hater" who needs an attitude adjustment A.S.A.P., check this documentary out. You won't be sorry.

- royalty_perez

I liked a lot about this movie. It talks about writers and readers of romance as intelligent people. It gives a great insight into the community of readers and writers. I really loved how the movie highlighted two authors who are writing for audiences who have been traditionally ignored in the romance genre.

However, I'm really disappointed in the heavy-handed way this movie treats indie publishers. By the end of the movie, it's clear that they think that indie publishers never use professional editors or cover designers. It makes indie publishing sound like "vanity" publishing all over again. They have a brief mention of Bella Andre, who makes multiple 7-figures a year independently publishing her own books. I'll take that kind of "vanity" publishing any day. It's obvious she's writing books that thousands of readers love and will shell out good money for.

I would like to have seen a more well-rounded documentary instead of one which is clearly prejudiced towards traditional publishing. You would think that a film that starts out championing the supposed underdog (the romance book genre) by showing how wonderfully smart and diverse the genre is would also do more to highlight the amazing revolution that's going on in the indie publishing world.

I'm going to check out a Bella Andre book right now.

- adeline_murphy

I love documentaries, but this one was the best documentary for a field that I'm passionate about. Just when I was ready to pack it up, this doc helped me to remember that I can't quit, that I'm not alone, and that there is a place for me in this business. It will be harder to be visible in a sea of diverse fishes, but I have to be consistent and persistent. I'm going to watch it again on Tuesday morning and take some notes. I highly recommend this to you all. You'll be inspired. You'll cry (I did, for Beverly Jenkins and her real life love story) and you'll laugh, but mostly, you'll feel like you belong in this business as a reader, blogger, assistant, and writer.

- martin_watson

Awesome documentary! You get a perspective from every niche market within the romance genre. As one of the avid romance readers they describe, it's really nice and validating to see that the authors I respect felt (and continue to feel) the same way I do about their genre, from start to finish. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one feeling this way!

- beckham_wood

I loved it! It was so interesting to see that it was sort of a sorority of writers and readers. It was so great to see everybody supporting each other. I didn't know that so many people read this genre. I am a romance novel reader, as was my late mother and her sister. They used to trade Harlequin books in big brown paper bags between Ohio and New York back in the 70s and 80s. When I was a teenager, I used to read Sunfire Romance books. They were historical romances for teens. Eventually, I grew up and read "big girl" books. ;) Just like they said in the film, I kind of keep my love for these books under wraps. I used to teach small children, and I didn't want people to think less of me. They were kind of fluffy, and I felt that they expected me to be reading some of the literary classics. But it was escape from grading papers, reading teachers' editions, educational journals and books about teaching. I especially loved that my TWO FAVORITE writers were included in the documentary: Beverly Jenkins and Brenda Jackson. And I love that they are friends! I love their books! I read them over and over. I have learned a lot about Black history from Beverly's books, and that's saying something.( I went to Howard University, a historically Black college or university, and graduated with a concentration-like a minor- in African American Studies.) I loved learning about the process to bring the book together, like how shrewd they are when they design the cover. The movie was enjoyable. If you like romance novels, I completely recommend it. I gave it 5 stars.

- courtney_mitchell

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