Love Isn't Built In A Day: 36 Tips To Build A F*cking Awesome Relationship

Love Isn't Built In A Day: 36 Tips To Build A F*cking Awesome Relationship

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By: Nicholas G

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Love isn’t built in a day.

We often talk about finding the love of our lives but really, love is developed, nurtured and built. A relationship takes time, effort and commitment. It’s tough to build a great relationship but it’s easy to screw up. Takes a lot to unf*ck when we f*ck it up sometimes.

This book seeks to lay it all bare and tell us the following:
•What are some tell-tale signs that a relationship is going well or is a tad screwed?
•Why do some relationships tick and why do others regularly delve into nuclear wars?
•So what the hell can we learn from all these experiences?

The entire busload of information is presented in 36 bite-sized chapters as seen below – 36 tips to build an awesome relationship.

1. Acknowledge That Love Isn’t Just A Feeling; It’s A Conscious Decision To Commit.
2. A Relationship Comes With Responsibilities.
3. Willingness To Consistently Put In Shitloads Of Efforts.
4. It’s Not Just About Me… It’s About Us.
5. Be Emotionally Self-Sufficient.
6. Have Realistic Expectations Of Each Other.
7. Isn’t Bitter About The Past.
8. Appreciate The Importance Of Effective Communication.

9. Build Trust Through Honesty & Reliability.
10. Be Vulnerable. Take Off The Masks & Show Our True Selves.
11. The Art Of Being A Great Listener.
12. The Art Of Being A Personal Cheerleader.
13. Know How Each Other Tick.
14. Criticise With Tact & Receive Criticism Graciously.
15. Show Appreciation & Don’t Just Talk… Talk Is Bloody Cheap.
16. Pay Attention To Details… Since They Can Morph Into A Big Mess.
17. There Will Always Be Differences.
18. Avoid Unhealthy Comparisons To Others’ Relationships.
19. Create Rituals To Reinforce Each Other’s Importance & Presence.
20. Work Together & Alongside Each Other.
21. Give Each Other Some Personal Space.
22. Discovering Similar Values & Beliefs – Seeing A Future Together.

23. Embrace & Deal With The Conflicts Directly… Don’t Pussyfoot Around Them.
24. Respond To Conflicts Positively.
25. Don’t Make Any F*cking Major Decisions When Feeling Emotional.
26. Focus On Each Issue Separately… No One Can Cope With 1,000 Problems At Once.
27. No One Wins When We Fight… Aim For Progress Instead Of Winning Arguments.
28. Understand Each Other’s Position Instead Of Just Communicating Ours’.
29. Mind Our Language While Discussing Issues.
30. Cast Aside Our Stubborn, Personal Prides.
31. Reflect & Learn From Each Conflict.
32. Don’t Be Archaeologists... Don’t Dig Up The Past.

33. Touch Each Other Often.
34. Squeeze & Make Time For Each Other.
35. Embrace Playfulness & Humour.
36. The Importance Of Continuing To Date.

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