Lucky Brand Men's Venice Burnout Notch Neck Tee Shirt

Lucky Brand Men's Venice Burnout Notch Neck Tee Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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It's a beautiful design that shows off my muscular body very nicely. I wear this shirt most of the summer since I like to look my best. But after only two months and one washing it's very much faded, and stretched out, and the material has pilled heavily. I returned my first shirt as defective but the replacement did the same. Once they age I tend to use them as workout shirts before discarding. These "burnout shirts" have a short life span.

BTW, I got a couple more of these at the Lucky Brand outlet for $14 each, which is less than half the cost on Amazon.

- julian_scott

I passed these up for my BF Oct. birthday based on reviews that seemed more negative, but they seemed so cute, so I ordeI red for Christmas. My BF likes a looser fit ( not clingy around the waist), and the XL fit him perfectly. He is 5' 10" and about 190, kind of a big boned, square guy, and they do not cling to him. We certainly did not notice any weird smell, like some reviewer said, and I don't know how they would possibly pill, like some other reviewer said. I ordered Cowhide, Frost Grey and Olive, and he loves them all, and I do, too. We like the notch neck with the button detail and the fact that they are distressed looking. A perfect choice for him! The fabric is nice and not too thin.

- brayden_bailey

The shirt looks good until you wash it. Then the fun begins. It gets little cotton balls in it and its as if you washed it a million times. I line dry all of my close so they last longer. I recommend you have this T-shirt dry cleaned if you want it to last at least a week. But seriously the material is as described but if you are serious about your t-shirts looking good this one is not for the washing machine.

- malia_anderson

UPDATE: I ordered FOUR more, different colors. They arrived and have been washed and tried on. THEY ROCK! My friend saw me wearing one and immediately got online to order one.

Had no idea what to expect having never worn this brand. Right out of the package this shirt was the softest I've ever felt. I tried it on (XL) and it fit perfect - not to tight, not to lose. I was a bit worried when I washed it but zero shrinkage. It really does look good fellas. Gonna order a couple more.

- emory_miller

I love these shirts. I have bought more than one. They are so comfortable and fit great! I have many colors of the same shirt. The only is I would recommend not drying them in the dryer. It says on the shirt that you can dry them in the dryer but it does lose a lot of lint off the shirts. So after each wash and dryer cycle it gets a little thinner and see through. These are totally great shirts though. That is the only drawback. I still wear them, but I know eventually I will have to discard them because I don't want to go around wearing a see-through shirt. But until then, these are the only shirts I wear they are so comfortable for any weather.

- amara_davis

Totally love these shirts! Wow- the perfect chill out t-shirt for the beach or hanging at a cafe with friends. The material is super soft & I like a tighter fit so I go with a size small (sun's out- guns out) which fits me the way I like. The colors have a great faded look so I bought 1 in each color so my summer shopping is done felllas! Super high quality material which is what Lucky brand is known for so I'd get a few if I were you.

- hayes_rodriguez

This product is a very poor quality. It is stone washed I believe. After the first washing there was noticeable pilling at the chest where it is more white or bleached out more. It has been washed a few times and still bleeds like a stuck pig in the washing machine so be prepared to spend a bit of time wiping the dye out of the machine afterwards as a result. Be very careful what you wash it with!

- payton_ruiz

I have to say I really like this shirt, and bought another one because I liked it so much. It's designed to fade and look like it's old in a short period of time, and it feels like it's been your favorite shirt for years. It's also cut and drapes really well if you have a body to show off.
HOWEVER, it definitely pills up, and retains some body odor which can be frustrating.
I have a shaver gadget for removing the fuzz, without it, it wouldn't look cool, it would look like trash.
I think you need to have a shaver or something as well if you buy this shirt, wash inside out to keep the fuzz down.
Still, I like it so much I had to give it 4 stars

- brittany_lopez

Me gusta mucho el diseño de estas playeras, son bien cómodas y suaves, por la talla no hubo problema porque ya tenia una y sabia que talla era, y las pedí medianas, solo tienen un detalle que decoloran al lavarlas, es necesario lavarlas a mano y no tallar mucho, así se conservan mucho tiempo, a mi como quiera me gustan mucho sus diseños y colores, las recomiendo mucho, gracias.

- james_brown

Qué color tan bonito! Me recuerda al mar. La tela es suave y resistente a la intemperie, aunque nueva parece que se ha usado durante mucho tiempo. El ajuste es perfecto. La única queja es que muestra sudor y tarda mucho tiempo en secarse. ¡Pero es tan bonito, que puedo pasarlo por alto!

- briar_richardson

Mmmh... el color real de la playera que llegó, es 10 veces mas deslavada que el color que viene en la foto promocional. Ademas, es muy ligero el material, digamos que para el verano, no para otoño/invierno. No la devuelvo por la flojera de hacer todo el tramite. Pero definitivamente en tienda, no la hubiera escogido.

- robert_cook

Si quieres una playera de verano, esta es una buena opcion. Si te llega en octubre, seguramente la tendras que guardar hasta el proximo año. Es demasiado ligera en material y no va a durar muchas lavadas.

- rhea_gutierrez

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