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I love this movie because of the story and the presence of Lemmon an Mastroianni, two great actors.

- spencer_alvarez

In this sadly overlooked romantic comedy, Jack Lemmon and Marcello Mastroianni team up in a wonderful combination of foreign film charm and Hollywood star power. Jack Lemmon plays an American business mogul visiting Naples, Italy on business for the first time since his tour of duty in World War II. He is greeted by an old friend, played by Mastroianni, who has spent the years since the war re-inventing Lemmon as a super hero, thanks to a series of letters faithfully arriving from around the world. Lemmon shines as the jaded American against Mastroianni's hopeless romantic. Both actors work so well together it is a shame they didn't do more during their lifetimes. I highly recommend this movie for those who want a romantic comedy with a European twist. An added bonus for those allergic to foreign films is that Macaroni is in English. -Enjoy

- stevie_foster

I like Jack Lemon as an actor. Interesting plot. Italian traditions were brought out. So many great photo shots of Naples.

- courtney_mitchell

Macaroni is a little known gem. Director Ettore Scola's deep sense of humanity shines through in the story, in the acting of Lemmon and Mastroianni.

- aminah_gray

a little of everything..romance, family , food, friendship

- lorenzo_long

It was an interesting story. However, it was a little hard at times to follow. It was worth seeing once, but not a repeat.

- abram_jackson

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