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By: Roald Dahl

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From Roald Dahl, the master of the sting in the tail, a newly collected book of his darkest stories. 'There is a pleasure sure in being mad, which none but madmen know' Our greatest fear is of losing control - of our lives, but, most of all, of ourselves. In these ten unsettling tales of unexpected madness master storyteller Roald Dahl explores what happens when we let go our sanity. Among other stories, you'll meet the husband with a jealous fixation on the family cat, the landlady who wants her guests to stay forever, the man whose taste for pork leads him astray and the wife with a pathological fear of being late. Dahl understood our deepest secrets, desires and fears and Madness is one of four books - the rest being Lust, Cruelty and Deception - that explore our hidden selves.
A collection of disturbing thinking and gory consequences, a world just around the corner, a point of view without the point, a dangerous corridor of many doors, that hide killers, chancers and the dilutional.

Roald Dahl in his writing for adults is of clearly of a period and very much of a class system that is less felt now, this makes some of his writing seem much older than it is, most of the characters live in a world where money is abundant if not infinite, a world that is much less represented by modern writers.

Good short stories with a twist in the tail and poison in the fangs.

- adrian_edwards

All of Dahl's stories are, of course, absorbing, funny, shocking and brilliant reflections on human life. But one story shines from this collection. It is the about a small girl caught up in the Nazi invasion of Greece, befriended by an RAF squadron in retreat. This is probably the best short story I have ever read. Emotive, lyrical, tragic, symbolic, and moving. Buy the book for this story alone.

- jazlynn_nguyen

I have not yet completed this book but, since it's written by one of my favourite authors, I feel it will not disappoint. I must add though that I tried to cancel a few minutes after ordering and was not allowed. I found this annoying and disappointing.

- karina_rivera

Refreshing to read stories that make you think and that assume you have an imagination of your own.
I know it's a corny phrase but he does make you feel as though you are there, whether it is a dirt airstrip on a Greek island during the war or a slightly claustrophobic front parlour of a bed and breakfast in Bath.

- thatcher_campbell

This was my first time reading Roald Dahl's adult fiction after being an avid reader of his children's books many years ago. I was very pleasantly surprised by the depth of these stories, very much written for a very adult audience and every single one had a great twist which made me stop and think afterwards. If you haven't read any of Roald Dahl's adult fiction... read this!

- nathan_hall

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