Man on the Street (Box 10 CD)

Man on the Street (Box 10 CD)

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By: Dylan Bob

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From 1961 through 1965 a teenage Robert Zimmerman transformed himself into the iconic Bob Dylan. This is a treasure chest of live recordings made in homes and apartments, during radio and television interviews and performances, and in cafes and at outdoor folk festivals.

These songs were captured in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City, and in Manchester and London, U.K. Some of the recordings are low fidelity captured on reel-to-reel machines, others are of higher quality.

Most if not all of these have been circulating among collectors for decades. Now they are assembled in one set. Except for venues and dates, no other information is provided. This is not for casual listeners, but for serious fans of this unique American songwriter, lyricist and poet.

- raelynn_white

Wow, what an amazing collection of early Dylan recordings and performances! The 10-disc set contains performances from 1962-1965. Each of the 10 disks comes in it's own attractive sleeve with a unique photo of Bob. There are absolutely no liner notes, which is too bad, because the context of these recordings is so interesting.

The first couple discs capture a young Dylan performing inspired covers of some of his favorite artists and songs. Then he starts sprinkling in some of his own early originals. By the middle of the box set, he's found his own voice and expanded his original repertoire. It's amazing to follow his development as a musical artist through these recordings.

The bottom line is this is a ten disc set containing mostly unreleased music for a very reasonable price. There's nothing else like it out there. There is absolutely no reason not to buy this one right away.

- ephraim_diaz

This is amazing, quality recordings from 1961, 1962 and that's disks 1 through 4; i'm thinking Mr. Dylan himself could be behind this breathtaking collection, and that's up to now disk 5, the Cynthia Gooding radio interview of January '62. The disk covers have a "Reel to Reel" on a tape deck and these could be from original recordings; they are certainly better than what I had heard of his genius with lyrics, guitar, and harmonica at this point in his career. And the price! Thank you for this wonderful gift whoever is behind it. I'm taking disk 4 out to the car next time I go somewhere and i'm gonna listen to it over and over but maybe i'll take disk 8 too . . .limited space

- bentlee_king

As a Dylan fanatic since I was about 14 years old and bought my first album (I'm now 64) this compilation not only exceeded my expectations but also very emotional for me. To hear young (very young) Dylan at the very beginning of his career, it is incredible to hear the budding genius develop! Totally love it! Highly recommended to anyone who loves Dylan and has never and will never tire of his beautiful words and poetry and music.

- charley_gonzales

The music on these CDs has been available under various titles for awhile but this compilation brings together this various music together very nicely. The packaging is well done and the sound quality is great.

- ashley_perez

There are many cuts that I have on other albums but this a good collection of his early live work. At about $2 per CD you can't go wrong.

- kace_cooper

All of the essential early private recordings (and more) all in one place. A must have historical document.

- laila_bailey

Necessary for Dylan collectors. Please note shipping charges. Some less than scrupulous dealers are using the current Covid virus situation to charge unusually high shipping charges. Buyers beware.

- thaddeus_rogers

Excellent value for £12.50 or whatever, a TEN CD set! Nice cover, too, unlike some of the other public domain releases. Spanning from 1961 through to June, 1965 but only one of the Bonnie Beecher sessions recorded by Tony Glover is included. One more thing, those two BBC programmes, why are they not in the correct order of date of broadcast on the CD? Or maybe, they are, and the blurb is wrong. Whatever, I'll still give it five stars, though, for value!
POSTSCRIPT Another criticism, it's a box and there are ten individual slip wallets inside for the individual CDs but the photos of Dylan are mostly entirely inappropriate for the contents! No real excuse for it, just a little more knowledge, care and attention in choosing the pics would have made his a superlative little package!

- aubree_bennet

Pulls most of Dylan's early radio and previously bootlegged performances in one place. No info booklet and very limited info on the cd sleeves.

Quality is (as expected) very variable. This is down to the original source material.
If you are a Dylan completist or collector worth considering.

Not a great set to "discover" Dylans work.

But does include examples of the greatest singer songwriter of his generation starting on his journey.

- esteban_ramirez

This is a wonderful box set. Most of the material is available on other albums and I imagine most, if not all, Dylan fans will have some, if not all, of them - but here they are, nicely boxed up in one package. The box itself is high quality and sturdy. Each of the ten CDs has a Dylan photograph on the sleeve. Fantastic value and highly recommended.

- fox_gutierrez

Really top value for your money. And it was really cheap too. But this must be a bootleg?
Well, who cares- but I see it's not for sale any more. I am really glad I got it before they took it away.
A fantastic "Dylan-box"...

- harmony_cox

It's ok. Nothing that the die-hard fanatics would not have heard before, but it's ok tp have it all on a few discs.
Maybe ok for the newcomer to gain knowledge of early goodies from Dylan.

- fabian_mendoza

First heard /saw Dylan on the BBC in early 60s. The BBC disc is worth the money just for that disc if you don't have a copy
An emerging talent grasping any opportunity to broadcast his songs . Good collection at a great price.

- nathalie_nelson

Excellent collection. Good sound quality for early recordings. Worth adding to your collection. Good price too.

- giovanna_perez

Fantastic. It was only £12 or so when I bought it. Great value for that. Not sure I'd spend £50 on it, given that all the music is out there if you know where to look.

- trent_cruz

This is a good way to get lots of the out-of-copyright material in one place.
The highlight for me is the 1965 BBC concerts which don't seem to have being issued separately.
Buy and enjoy, after all if it was a official bootleg release on Columbia records it would cost at least 5 times the amount.

- angel_peterson

10 excellent CD's . A must for all Dylan & Folk fans

- kane_phillips

some of the tracks ok some poor

- skyler_rogers

Loving these cds but neef to be a yrue fsn to appreciate

- madalynn_martin

Great value box set of early recordings. Well worth having at the give away price offered.

- lydia_james

A real treat for Dylan fans, some of the sound quality may not be quite perfect but that takes nothing away from the enjoyment of this Box Set from Mr Dylan..... If your a big Dylan fan go buy it now!

- kennedy_edwards

If under 20 quid worth a punt

- melissa_reed

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