Marine's Promise (Iron Horse Legacy Book 3)

Marine's Promise (Iron Horse Legacy Book 3)

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By: Elle James

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US Marine, Colin McKinnon, fell in love with Emily in high school, but when he elected to join the Marine Corps, Emily chose to marry Colin’s best friend, Alex, preferring a safe and secure life. Brokenhearted but resolute, at their wedding, Colin promised Alex he’d take care of Emily if anything ever happened to Alex.

Though Emily loved Colin more, she married Alex, one of her best friends. She couldn’t abide the heartache of Colin marching into harm’s way. Alex was the safe choice with a career in accounting. When someone runs their car off the road, Alex is killed, and Emily miscarries their baby. In her search for answers to who would want them dead, Emily realizes Alex was into something deeper than simple accounting. Her search for the truth, lands her in danger. Colin, on leave to search for his missing father, remembers his promise to Alex and is set on keeping Emily safe. Together, they unravel the mystery of who wanted Alex dead. In the process, they rediscover the love they never forgot, and uncover another clue in the quest to find Colin’s missing father.
Yet another book written by Elle James for me to love. Colin, Emily & Alex were the Three Musketeers in high school. Then life happened. Now Alex is dead/murdered, Emily is a widow and lost her baby, and Colin is in town searching for his missing father. And that is just the beginning. Then it gets fast-paced and exciting. I highly recommend reading this book, then reading again to make sure you didn’t miss anything!!!

- norah_scott

Emily had known Colin forever. Colin, Alex and Emily called themselves the 3musketeers. But when Colin said he was joining the Marines, Emily married Alex. Then he was shot while driving them one night. She lost not only Alex, but the baby she carried. Now someone is stalking her and trying to burn her house down. Colin still loves her and wants to protect her.

- eleanor_wright

I have read a few Elle James books in the past, but in this whole series the Iron Horse Legacy is the best. She has really come into too form! I fell in love with Colin and Emily. They had such a long but turbulent romance, and so many scary problems before finally getting things together. After reading the first 3 books in this series in less than a week, I am anxiously awaiting for book 4 to come out! Probably what I call an "all-nighter! I'm a word, can't put it down!

- kristina_peterson

This installment is so so. I just don't care much for the heroine. The Marine is ok but forgives her to easy! I am more and more invested with each book in the story of the father. Can't wait for the reveal of the finale circumstances surrounding the fathers disappearance.

- kaysen_diaz

Another great book in the Iron Horse Legacy. Great story lin and great characters. We even saw Hank Patterson and Swede in this book from the Brotherhood of Protectors. I can’t wait for the final book in this series to find Colin’s Dad.

- elle_reed

Marine's Promise: Fantastic writing, story telling and love story! Loved the suspense and excitement! Characters are wonderful. I loved how Colin's attraction to Emily was still there even after 10 years of being away from her. Loved it!

- kassandra_ross

Collin was searching for his dad and ran into his first love Emily. She is a recent widow and some one is trying to kill her. This is a very exciting story with love and intrigue thrown in for good measure. Anxiously awaiting the next book in this series.

- dylan_lewis

The search for the McKinnon continues. US Marine Colin McKinnon is home to help in the search and encounters Emily who broke his heart years ago when he joined the Marines and she married his best friend......banks are blown up- organized crime threatening-arson attempt- another clue to finding the missing father.

- grey_robinson

Emily should have married Colin, but she let fear rule her future and chose the safe option - Ha! Fate has kicked her in the ass, her husband is dead, there is a price on her head and the only one who can keep her safe is Colin...but can they keep their hearts to themselves? The danger and intrigue is ramped up again not only for Emily, but for the McKinnon's too, especially when it appears the threat to Emily may be tied to their father's disappearance. Watching Emily and Colin fight their chemistry as they dig for the truth makes you hope with every page that they finally get their second chance at love.

- deacon_johnson

Yet another awesome book, I love the Iron Horse Legacy Series. I love these brothers, & sister, and each book has been a wonderful experience to read. Cannot wait for Bastians story & hope that they finally find their Dad.

- asher_collins

Good storyline and characters, still finding the series frustrating with unfinished parts to the story, really do not like being left dangling and under obligation to buy the next story

- liam_smith

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