Mark Zuckerberg VS Google Brothers: Great Men with Great Vision

Mark Zuckerberg VS Google Brothers: Great Men with Great Vision

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One Little Book Two Big Heroes

The world of technology is made up of many great men and this book focuses on Mark Zuckerberg and Google Brothers. Although these men are great, their visions are even greater.
This book looks at who Mark Zuckerberg is and who the Google Brothers are. It then talks about the ways in which these men have influenced the world and goes into details of the contributions they have made to the world. From there, it examines their autobiography in order to help the reader understand their lives and the journey they have travelled to become the successful people they are today.
These great men have even worked hand in hand and this book looks at how that started out and how it has turned out so far. They have similarities and differences which are also examined in the book. By the end of this book, you will discover their personalities and why they are an inspiration to many people especially the young. Hope you enjoy it.
Two amazing stories. The book highlights to rise to fame of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the Google brothers Larry Page and Sergey Brin. All three men have acquired great wealth and notoriety and their stories were educational and inspiring.

The similarities of their rise to stardom were that they were all three master computer operators, started their companies with little money and little support. Zuckerberg was younger than the Google brothers at the time of his initial fame.

Some of the differences between Zuckerberg and the Google brothers besides age is the Zuckerberg keeps his face in the media much more than the Google brothers ho stay for the most part behind the scenes.

Their impacts on society are profound. Be it the connections people can make with one another across the world through Facebook or the ability to retrieve information efficiently and effectively from a single search engine in Google.

All three men utilized the American free market and time when a need for their skills was on the rise. In other words, they seized the moment. This book gave me insights into these men in way that I did not have before. It was a fun and educational read.

- alvaro_phillips

heroisierende Darstellung der zweifellos herausragenden Leistungen ohne auch nur den kleinsten Ansatz, um die fragwürdigen Auswirkungen der Produkte zu erörtern. Überdies ein sehr abgehobener Vergleich ohne jeden Tiefgang.

- niko_evans

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