Marvel Captain America Shield Pewter Key Ring

Marvel Captain America Shield Pewter Key Ring

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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Was crossing my fingers that "Captain America" wasn't written on the front, it wasn't! So happy right now.
Just a litte bigger than I expected but that's not really a con. I love it.

- royal_davis

It’s an excellent key ring, but useless in actual battle. It would be increasingly difficult to block live fire in combat, but that’s not gonna stop my buddy and I from conducting our testing in the field down the road.

*Update* My buddy is an absolute terrible shot. My right wrist is now bandages And sewn and the doctor said I’m lucky I didn’t injure my tendons more than I did. I’m gonna try holding it with my left hand this time and have my buddy step closer so he doesn’t miss.

*Update* The buddy is now typing this because I apparently can’t shoot well at even shorter distance. Still unsure if the shield can block a bullet but, I’m still maintaining my defense that this experiment would have already been completed if the consumer of the shield keychain would have held steady instead of having his hands shake in what can only be described as a cowardice seizure.

Hope the review helps!

- ariel_adams

My son has been obsessed with Captain America from day one. I got this for him and he has not lost it yet, which is amazing. lol It is large and we love it. He has it hooked on his sweater as a zipper pull so it sits on his chest when the zipper is closed all the way. Now I need to get him a Mjolnir to complete the set!

- thaddeus_rogers

Has a good solid feel, so I doubt it'd dent or bend easily - a real concern if you're out and about a lot - but even in the plastic it looked kind of dirty and not very shiny. I tried to clean it a little, but the paint started coming off. It has a battle-scarred look now that kind of matches the films, but isn't that great as a gift.

- valeria_parker

My brother orders the Thor Hammer, so I was super hype for the shield. When I receive the shield, however, I was very disappointed. There are multip scratches at the bottom right of the shield, and black dots all over the shield. I am willing to raise the review if I can receive a product without any defects like the Thor Hammer.

- anderson_patel

My husband keeps this on his work keys and he loves it. He gets lots of compliments and it seems to be holding up well, the colors are still solid no scratches or anything. Looks just like Cap’s shield, and has no writing on the front.

- karsyn_murphy

It’s been years since I bought this and it’s still sturdy and has its color! Great keychain and definitely worth the buy!

- alisa_mendoza

I just ordered this and from the other reviews I read everyone said it is a really good quality and it is!! The picture of it doesn't do this keychain justice because me personally I don't like chrome very much and when I saw the picture I wasn't to excited, but from reading the reviews and how everyone said it is a really nice quality and worth it I decided to get it. Now back to how the picture doesn't do it justice is when you get it it looks Amazing because the red and the blue and the chrome all balance eachother out and it looks so much better in person than what the picture looks like on amazon. Also it is made of a good quality material but it isn't in no way heavy so it won't way your keys down very much. So if you are a huge captain america fan I would recommend it because I love captain america(chris evans) and it's just a super nice and really cool looking keychain! Very satisfied with it.

- egypt_kelly

There's not much to rate a keyring on but I'm giving it 5/5 because it's a good weight and it's got gorgeous colours, plus it's metal so all I have to do is shake my handbag and I know exactly where my keys are. Mine isn't plain - it says "CAPTAIN AMERICA" across it in block letters, though the picture doesn't show that version. (I'm not complaining, but it might be worth looking somewhere else for a plain shield.)

- hadassah_perez

Really good quality, looks and feels great. Unfortunately the Captain America logo across the sheild is not visible on the photo. I would've prefered the sheild to be plain without a logo as it is in the photo.

- troy_gomez

My favourite key chain. Bit chipped over time but still structurally perfect

- opal_collins

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