Marvel Studios' Thor: The Dark World (4K UHD)

Marvel Studios' Thor: The Dark World (4K UHD)

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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Picture & sound were HORRIBLE!!!! Second 4k movie I rented and same thing, I have a 65" Samsung 4k HD TV
No way to get refunded either. Better quality renting from Redbox app!

- junior_morales

I love Thor. But, I love Loki just a tad bit more! Lol!

- adaline_richardson

Bought it.... theeeen they announced Disney plus

- blake_roberts

Not as great as the Ragnarock, but good.

- royalty_perez

Love this movie

- charley_gonzales

I like to watch it over and over...👍👍👍

- aryan_hill

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