McNelly Knows a Ranger - A Job for a Ranger - Desert Death Song (Dramatized)

McNelly Knows a Ranger - A Job for a Ranger - Desert Death Song (Dramatized)

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By: Louis L'Amour, full cast, et al.

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"McNelly Knows a Ranger": From the day Chick Bowdrie rode up to Noah Whipple’s ranch gravely wounded, Whipple had treated him with kindness - almost like a son. When Whipple is shot by a notorious gunfighter, Bowdrie swears vengeance. Joining McNelly’s Texas Rangers, he vows to hunt down the killer along with his gang. But Chick Bowdrie does not realize just how vicious they are...or how ruthless they can be.

"A Job for a Ranger": There were bullet holes in the bank window and blood on the hitching rail. Five bandits and 10,000 dollars had ridden out of town and no one at the Rancher’s Rest saloon had seen anything but a distinctively colored horse belonging to a local. But Chick Bowdrie soon had hard evidence that he was dealing with savage killers. To clear the name of an innocent man, Bowdrie pursues the murderous gang of bank robbers and cattle rustlers.

"Desert Death Song": Powder Basin - the rugged country at the edge of a dry, forbidding desert - holds more hiding places than most men could find. Nat Bodine knows most of them; holed up in the Basin hills by a posse of over 100 men, he needs them more than ever before. Jim Morton knows that if anyone is going to escape this posse, it’s Bodine, just as he knows that Bodine is the kind of man who wouldn’t commit the crime of which he’s accused.

Great western stories! They are dramatized very well, makes these extremely enjoyable to listen to. My whole family loves them.

- peter_gonzales

We purchased the audio book McNelly Knows a Ranger/A Job for a Ranger/Desert Death Song by Louis L'Amour to replace our old audio tape book. This CD audio book is a wonderful addition to our audio book library collection. Thank you so much.

- miles_martinez

My son enjoys listening to all of Louis L'Amour's audio CDs. I will order more for birthdays and Christmas in the future.

- emerald_ward

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