miccostumes Men's Deluxe Cosplay Suit Costume Halloween

miccostumes Men's Deluxe Cosplay Suit Costume Halloween

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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The costume fit much better than I expected. Overall I am very happy with it.

Though the straps and accessories can use some work overall I’m not upset. Also If you want a cosplay worthy mask I’d suggest buying a separate one.

The costume is as advertised if not better. There is some funky stitching and delicate zippers but it’s not anything a tailor can’t fix.

I orginally was worried that a Large would be ill fitting. I’m extremely happy I purchased the large. I am around 5,8 and 185 pounds. It fits like a glove but affords mobility. Personally I think it fits better than some of the more expensive 300 dollar costumes I see online.

In conclusion, For the price and quality it is a great buy. If you are up for a project. Get some craft paint to dirty up the fabric, buy a new mask for about $30 and touch up the accessories. Once that’s done this $149 costume can compete with the ones $300 and up.


Please note:
In regards to the pictures I uploaded, the mask and a few of the straps are from outside vendors. I also weathered the fabric

- meilani_hernandez

it is a little large in the hips and a little tight in the leg but over all its it a great costume.

- skye_harris

The sizing is exactly as stated, form fitting and well made. The only thing is the zipper on the main piece seems delicate.
I'm not wearing everything in this picture but as seen it looks pretty legit for Deadpool in the comics

- kyrie_anderson

Little bit tight in all the wrong places, but an excellent suit for the price. Muscular build will need larger sizes. It might have been just right if there were one size higher available.

- demetrius_allen

The picture of the product and the color of the actual product are very different. How do you think this is red? It's pink. Compared to the color of the other products on the left, it is also quite different. In addition, the work of adding fabric to the eyes of the mask is very sloppy. It was my first purchase at Amazon and I was very disappointed. :(

- gabriella_ortiz

I LOVE IT, LOOKS JUST LIKE THE PICTURE! u might have to be careful cause i put one of the shin guard and the zipper broke but i fix no big deal IT'S AWESOME!

- alejandro_sanders

The mask provided does not look anything like the picture. Very disappointed....

- saanvi_price

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