Mind Mapping: Improve Memory, Concentration, Communication, Organization, Creativity, and Time Management

Mind Mapping: Improve Memory, Concentration, Communication, Organization, Creativity, and Time Management

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By: Kam Knight, Jim D Johnston, et al.

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This is a comprehensive guide to learning about a wonderful technique called mind maps. 

Mind maps are an amazing organizational and creativity tool that can improve memory, concentration, communication, organization, creativity, and time management. 

This book is the ultimate resource on the topic of mind maps. In a short time, it can enhance your skills in reading, writing, learning, note taking, brainstorming, planning, productivity, and so much more. 

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Well written. Clear. Comprehensive. Immediately useful.
Before I read this book, I thought “mind mapping” was some sort of meditation or self-discovery technique. Mind mapping is a method of data presentation. But, the effects and benefits go far beyond the presentation of data. I won’t go into details here because this book makes the subject so simple and so obvious, it’s simpler if you just read the book.
We are currently awash in a tidal wave of advice-givers, self-help-gurus, super-coaches, and other baloney hucksters who are wangling their way to a web presence and freedom from their day jobs. “Mind Mapping” by Kam Knight is a refreshing (and rare) departure from this tsunami of rehashed ideas and inspirational fluff.
Kam has written a book that is pragmatic, useful, unpretentious, and straightforward. I was surprised that I had not come across these techniques before, and that I had been already doing them myself, in a very partial way, before I encountered a complete presentation of them.
I cannot think of an area of life or business that the techniques in this book will not materially improve. Most definitely worth the $12 spent on the book and 10 or so evenings reading it. Best of luck applying these techniques.

- jaxen_sanchez

Mind Mapping by Kam Knight is exactly as described. It is a thorogh and almost complete look into using a tool called mind mapping. It begins with the basics, so if you're not too familiar with the topic, you'll be brought to speed right away. Then it dives deep into the uses, starting with note-taking and then into research, brainstorming, planning, writing. It explores other visial tools in addition to mind maps like flow charts, concept maps, and cognitive maps and shows you how to combine them to make the ultimate map. Having read few mind books before can honestly say Kam covers the topic and uses better than other books. He provides examples after examples illustration after illustration so by the end if this is a tool you want to use you know exactly how. Having experience with mind mapping can also say the intro was not too drawn out, have enough to get started. What I didnt like is I purchased the paperback and the diagrams weren't in color. Although it includes links and pdf to color version, it would have been nice to see them in color, though I'm not complaining too much because color would have doubled the cost of this book, hard pressed to find a book that goes this in depth for the current price.

- jesus_baker

Well this is a first for me. 25% through the book and the author is requesting a review on Amazon. So I'm giving a 25% review of 1 star (I know that's only 20% of 5 but it's the closest I can get).
Honestly though, that just cheapened the entire experience. So what's my opinion of the book so far? Book illustrations are in black and white, but author references the color of certain sections in the illustration. I did jump forward to the software section. The iMindMap program for Android of not available. Since this book is printed on demand, l'm not sure why the author can't update it as things like that change.

- warren_reyes

What I like about this book is that it has help me expand on what I already do in my mind. I use some of these techniques for short term or working memory. Knight shows you how to use mind mapping in a variety of applications with illustrations. I never thought about using mind mapping as a teaching tool but this book has given a lot of ideas that will move me past my linear outlines. There are many mind mapping resources on the market but this one is simple and applicable for many different applications. It's very detailed but not in an overwhelming way. It has an informative section on mind mapping software that is very useful. It also a has a section on teaching children how to mind map as well. It is a good read.

- howard_foster

This is the most complete, easy to understand, thorough book on mind mapping I have seen yet. I have read over a dozen mind mapping books, including several Bozan books. Chapter 3 gives the best introduction on how to mind map I have seen yet. If you are interested in mid mapping, this is the book to start with and you need it in your reference library for sure. Enjoy the trip with Kam.

- luna_torres

`Mind Maps' offers exactly what it promises - it helps you to improve various parts of your brain functioning, for example, memory, concentration, organization and more. As someone that is self-employed, I want to be as efficient and effective in my work as possible, which is why I bought this book.

The book really does start from the beginning, so even if you're a complete beginner and have never tried mind mapping before, you can still get involved easily. Going back to the basics, the book tells the reader exactly what a mind map is and ho w to create and accessorize one. It then goes on to say how such techniques could be useful; in taking notes, lectures and presentations, gathering research and assembling information, collecting thoughts and developing solutions, and much, much more.

I was also surprised to note that there is even a section on writing; fiction and non-fiction with details on structuring paragraphs, getting specific, and so on. This was definitely an added bonus - I hadn't been expecting this information, but I certainly found it useful.

I eagerly absorbed all the information given on planning, making lists and setting goals - all of this is useful in the work that I do. And the better I do the planning, lists and setting goals, the more I'll achieve. I suspect even the information on group mind mapping will be helpful in the future, when I work on my next co-project.

What I liked best was the fact that the book is sympathetic towards different learning met hods, and how different people are. It helped in this respect by providing information on varying types of mind maps - so there's something in there for everyone.

Rounding up with details of mind mapping software and apps, I came out feeling like a veritable expert on mind maps. I just have to put the knowledge into practice now! Overall, I feel this book will definitely help me to become more efficient in my work. The easy to understand instructions and writing style ensure that anyone can read it and learn about mind mapping techniques without feeling intimidated.

So, if you're interested in mind mapping, grab this book and you'll find a method that's right for you.

- savanna_morales

Excellent book. I've used the process already to remember items for a question and answer session. Really works and makes things easier.

- ishaan_wilson

Explains the process in detail with examples of how to put into practice. A great introduction to mind mapping. Recommended.

- haylee_ramos

I am honestly surprise there are so many positive reviews. Although this book has some information that I see as useful, this book is really just a very simple concept that has been plied with filler and slapped with a $10 price tag.
If you thought you would learn even a small amount more about mind mapping then this book isn't for you. HOWEVER, if you never learned this in school as a child you may benefit from the first paragraph of every chapter and looking at the self explanatory images.
I was recommended this book after first reading The Science of Accelerate Learning (which I thought was a good read and only cost $5) hoping for a similar deeper insight into a common tool used by people, but what I found was very superficial information that had been dragged out and some of it even impractical. Overall I'm disappointed with this purchase. I read each chapter hoping for a shift in value but didn't get it.
I gave it 2 starts for the reason that I do see some benefit for people completely unaware of this concept but even then I don't think it's worth $10.

- aaliyah_cruz

O livro define brevemente os conceitos relacionados ao mapeamento mental e foca em ferramentas, aplicações, melhores práticas e exemplos.

Ele cumpre o que promete quando diz que a técnica melhora a memória, concentração, comunicação, organização, criatividade e gestão do tempo. Cada um desses aspectos faz parte de um ou mais capítulos que tratam das diferentes aplicações úteis para qualquer um.

Apesar de ser breve ao explicar os princípios, aqueles que são importantes para convencer o leitor à adotar a técnica são diretos e até óbvios. A natureza associativa (não linear) do cérebro e o rápido processamento visual são características fundamentais que são "manipuladas" pelo uso de mapas mentais.

Tiro uma estrela pois a cópia física tem os exemplos em preto e branco (cor é fundamental na técnica), mas postei no site e me enviaram o arquivo colorido. Também achei a escrita "apressada", às vezes com alguns erros ou confusão de termos.

- eric_nelson

Table of Contents does not have links to chapters which is irritating. (My Kindle version: 3.4, the one with the keyboard at bottom)

Extraneous use of words and repetition of concepts and phrases to pad out the book does make one skip paragraph after paragraph to find the next tidbit of information. You might grit your teeth at times.

Having said this the book review/study sections do have some good points to note, but again, laboured in their delivery.

There are some uses of the Mind Map that I wouldn't have come up with on my own but which gave me ideas for their use straight away.

The section on Mind Mapping software has quite a few good applications listed and reviews that provide their benefits and limitations.

All in all there are some good mind-mapping ideas within this book and you can expand upon them. You might find the prolixity of the author's "padding" the book aggravates you enough to take it in very small doses at a time: Like I'm doing.

- alia_hill

Für Einsteiger in das Thema Mind Maps ist dieses Buch sicherlich eine wertvolle Hilfestellung. Für diejenigen unter uns, die Mind Maps bereits im Alltag nutzen, hat dieses Buch auch einige interessante Tipps. Diese sind jedoch für einen oder anderen nicht wirklich neu oder überraschend.

Für "Mind Map"-Einstieger kann man dieses Buch aber ohne Einschränkung empfehlen!

- nola_hall

Great Book. Kam Knight is the man.

- alvaro_phillips

Good book,

- quinton_mitchell

I am reading now and its an interesting one. I think the book is supposed to be colour as the contains say, but mine comes in total BW.

- frances_nguyen

sehr interessant

- kyra_hughes


- camron_price

nothing you don't already know is to be discovered in this book . It is not intelligent to buy it . beside the edition is cheap

- nikolai_jones

Dull, text heavy, business focused and curiously all of its mind maps are small and in black and white - the opposite of the ethos of mind maps. Very disappointing.

- trenton_phillips

Not at all useful to me it only gave suggestions that to a certain extent were common sense and failed

- jaylee_adams

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