Misty Blue: The Complete Collection

Misty Blue: The Complete Collection

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By: Tony Masero

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Misty Blue reemerged to civilization after twenty years in the mountains to find he never knew a war had taken place down there. The war was over now but that didn’t trouble Misty, he was about to start another one of his own…

Misty Blue will buckle for no man and is back cutting up rough on deadly rescue missions with no more than a tomahawk, Colt and Springfield rifle to see him through.

It’s bound to be a hell of a ride for the Mountain Men – A hard drinking, hard fighting, tall-tale telling, bunch of rascals who can truly say they are the last of a breed.

Misty Blue: The Complete Collection includes – The Last Mountain Man, Loaded for Bear, A Dog Named Kill, Wild in the Woods, Down and Dirty and End of the Road.

Definitely another five star series of ongoing western folklore adventures, when Misty Blue is called upon to settle a problem among the locals! This is one of the more entertaining revelation of how I perceived our old American West was probably tamed, as the series of unending exciting adventures certainly appeases anyone's expectations!
Outstanding storylines throughout this compelling series of western entertainment, and the Author's successful selection of characters are unsurpassed in their ability to carry out their commanding assignments from beginning to end. Misty proves himself worthy when he is called upon to settle disputes as he struggles to return to his family. Enjoyable experiences from beginning to end.
Definitely recommend this compassionately motivated success story to everyone, but especially you lovers of endearing western adventures! You non-western enthusiasts will find yourselves completely mesmerized by Misty's endearing perseverance, and his determination to right all the wrongs of those who have been plagued by the bad guys! You're definitely the loser if you opt out of following Misty along his eventful journey!!!😃

- kash_diaz

I didn’t know what to expect when I bought this series. I like western so I took a chance and bought he series. Glad I died, because I couldn’t put the book down. The darn book kept me up late at night causing me to lose sleep.
Each book in the series was one better than the other. If you like western that are well written with fully developed characters, then get this book, you won’t regret it.

Joe Corso
Author of The Last Gun-Shark

- rachel_patel

This was a very good read, one that is filled with action and adventure that just doesn't let up , from beginning to end.

- kathleen_peterson

Awesome read I just could not put this book down ! I would definitely recommend this book !! 5 stars

- paula_campbell

Tony Masero – Misty Blue – Reviewed 7/7/20 – Read 7/3-6/20

Misty Blue decided that it was time to find his family, so in the spring of 1867 he came down from the mountains to visit them. He found that there had been a war, but it was over now. He knew that it was not all that much of an event, as there was always some dang fool that was going to fight about something. His pa had a trading post at the fork of the Yellowstone and Missouri that he ran with his ma. Now she worked hard, but she also had given pa 14 children, that was always giving them grief. Misty was of the kind that wanted peace, so he spent most of his time with the Sioux. Now he finds the whites had forcibly evicted the Sioux from their sacred lands, so things with them were a might less amenable.

As he remembers he was about nine when he met the famed mountain man Hugh Glass, the one that set the fires burning in his body to be a mountain man himself. He knew that he was a might small then, but the bug in him was burning bright. His idea was to hitch up with Glass to learn everything he could about the mountains. Alas, his plan went south when Glass got himself killed. Even so, that did not deter him and at about nineteen, Misty finally lit out for his beloved mountains. Time has passed, and it is twenty years later, he has set it in his mind to find out what has become of his family. Now, if you are ready? The story begins….

Misty Blue: The Complete Collection includes – The Last Mountain Man, Loaded for Bear, A Dog Named Kill, Wild in the Woods, Down and Dirty, and End of the Road.

What did I like? I have read lots of books of all genres, and some of them were about mountain men, but I found this collection a bit different than what I have read in the past. Tony has taken Misty Blue to a higher plain, thrown in lots of humor, drinking, fighting, a little loving, and adventures. Every one of them includes the mountain man bragging rights to fame and fighting. Having self-respect for himself to always keep his word, but then some just keep doubting his word! This just adds another layer to Misty that keeps things on a fighting level with anyone that he meets. So, he just has to keep showing them, all throughout the book.

What will you like? Ready for some down to earth humor, plain outright hard-drinking, incredible adventures, a little romance, and a thrilling storyline? Here it is! Beautifully written and edited. Misty Blue is one big handsome mountain man that surely is the last of the breed. Big, tough, tender, and honest, making his way across the lands to each of his adventures on his way home. Helping others and keeping his word as he goes. Life can be tough if you let it get the best of you, keep your heart true, and be generous with your help. Another excellent read that will be a wonderful addition to your western library.

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- edgar_evans

Good summertime read. Main character seems unable to decide if he prefers a single shot or repeater long gun. Pistols seem to hover between cartridge and percussion. Never explained. More than I needed about men and women, the sex wasn't overwhelming, but didn't add much to the story. Pounding stakes in the ground with a clenched fist..really? Seems lead character is always getting knocked unconscious, with a miracle rescue. Entertainment, but vague on details.

- itzayana_long

I received this book from the publisher for a review. I had trouble getting the first book read. Couldn’t think about the other books in the collection. They are not well written and the story line is not something you would expect from that time in history. The author needs to do more research or give up writing.

- bodie_martin

I would like to recommend this book to everyone who wants to read a very interesting and exciting new story where the action never ends. I have found that these books are very hard to put down. I will be looking forward to read ing the next book from this author.

- louise_jones

Some reasonably good stories but one or two a bit strange quite well written by a reasonable author the ending leaves room for more to follow

- eli_turner

Different, and enjoyable, I did chuckle a bit at his escapades, and really
enjoyed reading this book.

Many Thanks

- lauren_mitchell

Good western. SUPERMAN Mountain.

- madeleine_ortiz

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