MongoDB Best Practices: Build Fault Tolerant Applications

MongoDB Best Practices: Build Fault Tolerant Applications

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By: Hirako San

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Book Description

MongoDB has grown to become one of the most popular NoSQL database. The book covers topics ranging from database indexing, high availability with performance best practices, storage engines, and commonly used queries to read and update collections.

You will get an overview of MongoDB and how to leverage its strengths, with relevant use cases. You will learn how to query MongoDB effectively, how storage systems and hardware can affect performance, along with tips to handle scaling.

You will be equipped with all the required industry skills and knowledge to become a MongoDB developer and administrator.


  • Configure, monitor, and maintain highly scalable MongoDB environments
  • Master replication and sharding to maximise read/write performance
  • Effective Scaling
  • Hands-on advanced querying techniques covering expressions, arrays, and more
  • Administer MongoDB-based applications

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