Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance

Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance

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By: Naveen Jain, Scott R. Pollak, et al.

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Secrets of the entrepreneurial mindset revealed

Learn how curiosity, imagination, and exponential innovation are creating life without limits.

Naveen Jain is leading disruptions today that will reshape the world - and beyond. From redefining civilian space exploration to creating a path to free energy to disrupting healthcare and education, Jain is at the forefront of the exponential technology developments that will forever change how we live and work. In Moonshots Jain reveals the secrets of the "super entrepreneur" mindset - the catalyst for creating an exciting and abundant future. He then walks listeners through the application of these powerful concepts in three moonshot initiatives that he is leading today, one of which is Moon Express, a private lunar venture that promises to open up the moon's vast resources for the betterment of humanity. In Jain's world, the term "moonshot" is meant both literally and figuratively! Journey with Jain through these illuminating thoughts and awaken your own moonshot potential. It’s a discovery that will change your life - and quite possibly the world.

Okay--I'm going to start by saying that this book makes me a bit angry.

And it's not for the reasons you may think: it's because this is SUCH an important book, and it's not being taught to the masses, and heralded in schools (well, of COURSE not, as they are as Jain puts it, 'too invested in the status quo' to have a book as innovative as this in their system).

This book is literally having a billionaire/genius/philanthropist in your ear, letting you know where the world is going, how to capitalize on that and how we can ALL make this a better place for humanity.

It tells you what the future looks like. It's like the Wayne Gretzky quote about skating to where the puck will be...yet the rest of mankind is happy going through life in a trance, content with incremental changes...without knowing about the tsunami of massive change that is already happening all around us.

As impressive as this book is in telling us what will happen and how life will change, the most important aspect of the book is that the reader gets a glimpse into HOW the mind of Naveen Jain works. He is, without a doubt, the most optimistic, positive, possibility-oriented person I've ever experienced--

And this book is like a roadmap to that mind.

It lets us know not what to think, but the possibilities of HOW to think.

It's amazing, it's groundbreaking, and as dense as society is right now, I don't think the brilliance of this book will be discovered until many years later. It's almost too much to handle, as the folks in mainstream media, more concerned with who is marrying who, and what somebody said about someone else can't get their collective minds around such important ideas.

Thank you, Naveen for writing such an important book.

P.S. The picture is an example of how I've marked up and highlighted this book. It's amazing. It's the textbook to the future.

P.P.S. I got the Audible and hardback versions, so I can listen, then go back and take notes. It's that impactful.

- guillermo_castillo

"People often say the sky is the limit. The sky is not the limit. There is no such limit. It is an artificial boundary. *Imagination* is our only limit."

Moonshots is one of those books that changes the way you view the world. It's full of optimism and humor and thoughts on how we're capable of extraordinary things. It was an empowering read, one that gave me a lot more hope for the future than anything I've read for a long time. Naveen Jain's personal story is also incredibly inspiring, and his depth and breadth of knowledge was on display in the various quotes and examples from history, literature, and philosophy.

While I don't necessarily agree with everything Jain wrote, the book certainly gave me a lot to think about. And when you get down to it, the world could definitely use more people with Jain's enthusiasm and positivity. This book is the perfect anecdote to news-induced pessimism and apathy.

- heath_james

This book was amazing and almost does too much! Almost. It combines philosophy, abstract thinking, advice from Navy SEALS, futuristic tech, economic principles, and history; and looks at space travel, mining the moon, making illness optional, living to 200, and reinventing education. It was awesome to get a glimpse into the future and examines the skills and mentality we will need to thrive in this new utopia. For those who need optimism for the future, this book will light you up like a Christmas tree!

- milan_hill

I feel the forward from Sir Richard Branson sets the tone for this book:
"My life has never been about anything to do with material wealth. The fact is I've always had just one mission in life, and that is to make people's lives better."

In most companies it is challenging and difficult to have moonshot ideas. This book can rekindle that flame that inspired each of us to pursue so much more than just a job. A calling or occupation to the betterment of mankind!

Naveen and Schroeter inspire us to this higher calling, and give real examples of ordinary people doing truly remarkable things!

This book can inspire and help you find your moonshoot no matter what is happening in your life!

- emanuel_wilson

The book needs seriously flawed editing similar to After Shock also with the same editor. The book clearly ends up promoting the author and the editor. The idea of a "Moon Shot" is a well established cliche and the essence of the volume is drawn out book of advice to would be entrepreneurs. The subject is of interest. The sales pitch is the same for many others who market products and services

- tony_adams

Changing the world only takes a mindset. Lucid, readable, clear and graspable Moonshots opens the door to empowering individuals and renewing the entrepreneurial spirit. Optimistic forward looking and inspired. Highly recommended for those interested in how the future can be made to look.

- anastasia_morgan

Moonshots is a book that can change your life.

Everything begins with Imagining the world not as it is but as you want it to be... this is your vision, the what of your moonshot, figuring out how to get there from here is your mission, the how of your moonshot, fulfilling that promise is your purpose. - Naveen Jain

ps..Understanding our symbiotic relationship with the microbiota is worth much more than the price of this book.
Plan on reading this one multiple times, it is outstanding!

- rodney_howard

One of the best books I’ve ever read. Very good insight and a great amount of takeaways to apply. Extremely recommended.

- jada_clark

This book makes you change the way you think. It makes you think and vision things that you could never imagine.

- emory_wright

This book can open your mind for unimaginable opportunities.

You don't have to go where the buck is, you have to go where the buck is going to be.
This book shows how can someone accomplish such a radical journey.

This book is for all those who want to create massive change in this world while creating great wealth with abundance mindset!!!

- anna_evans

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