Mustard Seed Faith: Mountain-Moving Ideas to Change Your Life by Changing the Lives of Others

Mustard Seed Faith: Mountain-Moving Ideas to Change Your Life by Changing the Lives of Others

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By: Eric Harrison

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Overwhelmed by the negativity pervading our society today?  Desire to live a life of significance by changing your small corner of the world?  

Ready to discover and use your gifts to be a person who solves problems rather than complaining about the way about the way things are?

In this motivational and action-oriented book, Eric Harrison presents ideas and thoughts that you can implement today that will make the world a better place for tomorrow.

In Mustard Seed Faith, you will learn:

  • How and why Jesus' ancient parable of the Mustard Seed shows that faith, love and devotion are just as relevant today as they were 2,000 years ago

  • Over 30 Mountain-Moving ideas to implement and share with the world Today

  • Why acting Differently results in ways to Make a Difference every day for the rest of your life

  • Why the best way to change your life is accomplished by first changing the lives of other people

  • How to use your GIFTS Right Now to leave a lasting legacy

This book will unite people of faith with their culture to create impact and change.  It is the book that our culture needs and people of faith will be inspired to share.

ERIC HARRISON recently sold his business he led for more than 33 years.  This book is the catalyst for the next phase of his life to impact others.  Read more about his formula to encourage others in Being Different, Acting, Different and Making a Difference at:


I have to say there are quite a few great points and observations. This is going to def help a lot of people to "look" out more and stop "looking in"... I could not help but put myself in every situation in the book, as someone that has had a lot of tragedy at an early age, looking back now I am forever molded, don't view it as a handicap, but more of a way for me to connect and help others. Life is about evolving, we all start with the basics, but it’s how we use them, develop them, and ultimately how many people have we affected when it’s our time. Faith was planted in us, how it grows and is nurtured is our responsibility. Some will maximize growth others will waste it. This book helps guide people on this journey! Well written and amazing points! Be the 1%.

- soren_richardson

I read and/or listen to a ton of self-improvement and spiritual content. May times the messages can get lost in the shuffle as authors seem to want to be complex to prove their point. This book goes right to the heart of the matter and gives every reader practical ways to improve their life which in turn improves the world for all around them.
Put this one on your list of must-reads!

- crystal_baker

This book is thoughtful and evocative . As a friend of the author , I would love to give it 5 stars but I have to apply the iceberg principle which says that 90% is never seen . Eric's vision of the world we need to improve is flawed only in so far as thinking that so many people don't feel the same way he does . Perhaps it is my naivete that leads me to believe that most people are not ships of war but rather ships without rudders . To that extent , Eric offers beautiful and constructive ideas on how to help people find their rudder by reflecting the love of Christ in our own behavior . I hope that most people are not motivated by self aggrandizement but rather , they are fearful of the pain of rejection . We can all share Eric's hope but not if we think so many people are hopeless . Jesus taught us to leave the 99 to search for the one . I hope that everyone reading this book feels moved to touch at least one life and plant a mustard seed of hope in the life of another soul for hope is the seed from which faith grows .

- andy_ramos

In our fast paced, rush about, don’t have time world, Mr. Harrison’s easily integrated tools to open ones fists and give a helping hand is simple and refreshing. One does not need to possess riches, status or even a diploma on the wall to achieve greater success in life. One simply needs to be willing to look, truly look, at oneself and decide that a better world is possible. Hats off Eric! Praising God for your vision and heart....and truly blessed to count you as friend. Mazel Tov!

- mckenzie_gray

This was a quick read that inspires the reader to consider putting others ahead of oneself, to stop judging others, and to seek peace. The author believes that faith in God, in ourselves, and in others will help us to live our lives as God intends, doing good and striving to make the world a better place.

- rey_morgan

We live in very divisive times, where it’s easier to throw mud and sling arrows than to show kindness, forgiveness and grace to others. Eric challenges us all to live a better life, one that exudes faith, love and grace to others. This book may step on your toes as he challenges us to really take a small mustard seed of faith, and by concrete steps, cause change in your own life and in the lives of others. I am challenged to make steps to make a difference in my life and for others in this world, especially through the reflections at the end of each chapter. Well done Eric. I wish you had used more anecdotes from your own life!

- demetrius_allen

As the author states, this book is intended for everyone, Christian and non-Christian alike. We all have the obligation (privilege) to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” What most of us fail at doing is identifying who our neighbors are (hint: they don’t always look, act, dress, and believe the same as you) and how to truly love them. In a world that is becoming more and more polarized, the author challenges us to “stop being the problem-seers and instead start becoming the problem-solvers.” Be prepared to be challenged. And then be prepared to be changed by making changes in the lives of others.

- edwin_young

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