My Alien Parents

My Alien Parents

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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By: R.L. Stine, Nick Podehl, et al.

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I thought I knew everything there was to know about my parents, like what they always eat for breakfast. Then one morning, everything changes. Mom suddenly hates tea and loves cornflakes, and Dad’s scarfing down poached eggs like there’s no tomorrow - which, by the way, there may not be unless I can figure out what’s gone wrong!

Can it really be that Mom and Dad have been replaced by aliens from another world? And what the heck happened to our dog?

I bought this for my two grandsons at Halloween. They are 10 and 7, voracious readers and not alarmed by "scary" movies or books usually. The 10 year old was fine with it, although the reading level was below his, the main character was close to his age and he thought the story was hilarious. The reading level was perfect for the 7 year old (and he loved the story), but it terrified him and he had several nights of bad dreams before finally agreeing to stop readng it. I'd suggest previewing the book before giving it to your child.

For most kids, this will be a huge hit. Doesn't every kid at some point think their parents must be aliens?

- alex_gomez

I am currently reviewing the book My Alien Parents. I gave it one star because it is extremely short and it has a ending that leaves you hanging. I am not interested in this book because it only had a page and a half in one chapter and the story itself stunk. I would not recommend this book.

- kairo_williams

As an adult, I totally enjoyed this book......I would not want to say much about it lest I ruin it's charms for other readers! This is a fun book for older children and adults. Teachers might enjoy reading it to their classes during a quiet time.

- claudia_lewis

You should like this book because I love aliens! I have saw one on TV. They are very cool. This was my 2nd favorite book and I also like that it was free. Goosebumps books are my favorite books.I left my curse of the mommy's tomb book at school so when I go back to school I will read it and take it home to finish.this was written by an 8 yr old boy.

- barrett_king

I haven't read this. My 9 year old loves this series. What's not to love for a child about alien parents? Isn't that the way they see us some times?

- clara_myers

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- avah_watson


- mila_robinson

Great read for kids.

- everett_brown

I was disapointed when i read this book because i relised i had read it before but i read it again anywhy. It was named 'your not my parents first before my alien parents. It was good. A bit basic at times though

- alexis_baker

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