My Daddy is A Handsome Prince: Volume 1

My Daddy is A Handsome Prince: Volume 1

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By: Nathan J Morissey

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In My Daddy is A Handsome Prince, Julian is a poor, down-on-his-luck coffee-shop boy who barely makes enough to pay his rent. One day, he meets a handsome mysterious stranger called Prince Adrien, who sweeps him off his feet and whisks him away to a world of wealth and power, passion and romance, secrets and intrigue.

But when an assassin's bullet narrowly misses the prince, they find themselves on the run. From the penthouses of New York City, to the glittering old wealth of Paris to the sunny tropics of St. Lucia, the couple try to get one step ahead of death as they embark on an exciting escape.

Written in the style of a raunchy, sexy and steamy Jackie Collins novel, this story will surely arouse and excite you while keeping you in suspense.

Word Count: 8000 words

Please note that this story contains explicit homoerotic and homosexual content and is not appropriate for readers under 18. Mature readers only. Reader discretion is advised.

Here is the link to Volume 2:
I did not make it past chapter one. ..If I kept reading my gay lover or gay sex I was gonna explode. The lovers are men yes! Great even! But it sounds trite and shame on the author for making it that way for me. I don't know if they have a HEA and right now I hope not because if the sex can't turn me on from reading it or just makes me feel content then I wasted my time. I don't write erotic scenes well either but this really was too clinical. Please edit this. I hate leaving a one star because the plot sounded great but there was no feeling for me with this.

- annika_garcia

This story went nowhere. I couldn't even finish the book. This is like the second time in all the years I have reading fiction that I haven't been able to finish a book. The story line sucked. They over-used the word GAY. I don't think you need to remind me every five words that you're gay! Every single sentence out of his mouth was: "My daddy will make sweet Gay love to me" over and over again.
Thank god it was free cause I would seriously ask for a refund if I could!

- dean_mendoza

I read the reviews and didn't heed the warning! Run, don't walk away from this. As an aspiring writer it's hard to leave this type of review, but this book is terrible. I think the writer needed someone who cared to read this an set the path towards a good book. I hate that this had to be said. I want Nathan to keep at it though, I'm willing to give his work a second chance. Write for smart women, it's not always about sleaze, please!
The old adage applies here; If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

- rowan_flores

I don't usually leave bad feed back so I'm sorry. You should have gotten a gay romance editer. We as readers know its a gay romance you didn't need to use wording like gay sex and gay g spot over and over. It shows lack of understanding about " gay sex" or you think your readers are stupid. Please get help and rewrite it because the story line IS GOOD. You just need editing.

- kelsey_foster

I'm sorry I can't give this book a good review. One the premise of the prince fairy tale is overdone. Not just here, but in romance in general. I knew when purchasing that this was a book on gay lovers. And since that was the case I didn't need to be reminded by the narrator that he was having gay sex. Maybe he didn't realize it and needed to be reminded, but I certainly did not. And it took away from the sex scenes. Hey, we buy erotica to be turned on. This didn't get me there. The story was one sided. Some first person stories are done well, but this one was not. Characters lacked depth. 1st person narration didn't allow for the prince's character to be fleshed out, and in this case it didn't for the narrator. I wish I could have given this a better review. I know from experience how hard writing stories can be.

- jaime_watson

This is meant to be a parody, is it not? A funny lampooning of all those silly M/M erotic romances with absurd plots and cardboard characters... As such -and as a freebie- it could make some sense. Perhaps.

- crew_lopez

Don't waste your time or efforts or money...this is not even titillating, it's just horrible. I can't imagine how anyone could write anything this bad....but obviously someone did. To sum it up in one "word" BARF

- rosalyn_williams

Not my speed as far as story telling, though the writing itself wasn't bad, and had some pretty decent inclusion of detail.

Also, the print setting is TINY. Ow! My poor eyes. I had to set my kindle to the largest font in order to be able to read it at all.

- daisy_cooper

This is an example of how not to write and these gems are why:
"Getting r&p'd by a hot guy is a huge turn on for me" WTF????
" He was my daddy, but not my real daddy, mind you" the author didn't think we are sufficiently intelligent to work this out.
"..we both had daddy-son fantasies " I know lots of gay guys use the term 'daddy' and 'boy' but not quite in the writer's context but what do I know?
"spicy citrus scent... called Citron, French for lemon". Do we really need this level of explanation?
"...he would not get married for a while (for homosexual reasons). Surprise!! its supposed to be MM romance
"But, daddy can't you just renounce your title..." I could go on.

The handsome prince meets the pauper incredibly badly told.

- abigail_martinez

Given that the author compare his work to Jackie Collins, John Grisham and Sidney Sheldon, I went into this book with very high expectations. Sadly, I was supremely disappointed. The principal characters have absolutely no depth or development, and the protagonist comes across as selfish and unlikeable.

Why does the writer keep referring to the sex as gay sex? We know it's gay sex, there's no need to beat us over the head with it. Especially when it's so poorly written.

My advice? Don't waste your time.

- jakob_nelson

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