My Forty Years With Ford (Great Lakes Books Series)

My Forty Years With Ford (Great Lakes Books Series)

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By: Charles E. Sorensen and David L. Lewis

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In My Forty Years with Ford, Charles Sorensen—sometimes known as “Henry Ford’s man,” sometimes as “Cast-iron Charlie”—tells his own story, and it is as challenging as it is historic. He emerges as a man who was not only one of the great production geniuses of the world but also a man who called the plays as he saw them. He was the only man who was able to stay with Ford for almost the full history of his empire, yet he never hesitated to go against Ford when he felt the interests of the company demanded it. When labor difficulties mounted and Edsel’s fatal illness was upon him, Sorensen sided with Edsel against Henry Ford and Harry Bennett, and he insisted that Henry Ford II be brought in to direct the company despite the aging founder’s determination that no one but he hold the presidential reins.
First published in 1956, My Forty Years with Ford has now been reissued in paperback for the first time. The Ford story has often been discussed in print but has rarely been articulated by someone who was there. Here Sorensen provides an eyewitness account of the birth of the Model T, the early conflicts with the Dodge brothers, the revolutionary announcement of the five-dollar day, and Sorensen’s development of the moving assembly line—a concept that changed our world. Although Sorensen conceived, designed, and built the giant Willow Run plant in nineteen months and then proceeded to turn out eight thousand giant bombers, his life’s major work was to make possible the vision of Henry Ford and to postpone the personal misfortune with which it ended. My Forty Years with Ford is both a personal history of a business empire and a revelation that moves with excitement and the power of tragedy.
This is an interesting book, but the guy who reads it for Audiobooks reads like a third grader who hasn't learned to read very well yet. He get's the emphasis wrong in half the sentences and stumbles over "subsidiary" every time he says it.

If Audiobooks got a decent reader, this would be quite good.

- elsa_chavez

What a great book! I look forward to reading it again and again. Seems each time I read it I learn something new I missed the first time. I would highly recommend it to anyone who drives a Ford auto or any car and wants to know a little history behind Ford empire.

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- gracelynn_morgan

I really liked this book! Charlie Sorensen was amazing! My dad was also a pattern maker for 40 years. Charlie used his experience as a Pattern Maker to help Henry visualize something in 3D because he would make a prototype (model) in wood so he could determine if that's what he really wanted. He was the man behind the curtain. If you are interested in Ford Motor Company or Henry Ford you need to buy this book.

- lacey_myers

This book reads like a travel journal - a travel through one of the most significant periods of the American industrial development.
Thanks due to Mr. Sorensen's ritual habits of daily journal entries, the development of an industrial giant grows before one's eyes, while
he hides his personal growth and achievements behind the factual recounting of events, personalities and their encounters.
This is a truly enjoyable book for the interested reader.

- cheyenne_young

Good book. In awe of what was accomplished by so many and the vision and determination to make it happen.

- meilani_hernandez

A behind the scenes story of the early days of the Ford Motor Company by someone who was involved in every major development from the beginning. For those interested in antique Ford cars like me and want to now what it was really like at Ford in those da, I highly recommend it.

- aliza_gray

The book was perfect! Just as described and shipping was quick!!! Great experience!

- josiah_gomez

If you like business histories your normal challenge is to find books written by or about the founder or management during the years of your interest (in my case the first 40 years or so).

Charlie Sorenson kept diaries and was a key man during the first forty years of Ford.

This book gives you a real life picture of a company that accomplished incredible feats in spite of its critical flaws.

The management style of Ford during the first 40 years is completely different than say GM (read the Alfred Sloan book for comparison).

It is fun to see that there is more than one way that people go about accomplishing great things. You can read these stories and think about what helped them succeed and what you might do differently.

- marcel_mitchell

I read this book many years ago and was pleased to re-read it. I found that the book brought back many memories.

- rory_cook

Great book, thanks

- jonas_rivera

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