My Warren Buffett Bible: A Short and Simple Guide to Rational Investing: 292 Quotes From the World's Most Successful Investor

My Warren Buffett Bible: A Short and Simple Guide to Rational Investing: 292 Quotes From the World's Most Successful Investor

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By: Robert L. Bloch

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A gold mine of quotations and advice from the billionaire “Oracle of Omaha”—compiled with his blessing.
If the legendary Warren Buffett was willing to tell you the secrets that made him the world’s most successful investor, would you be interested? If you knew how simple, basic and powerful his wisdom is, you’d probably say “yes!” Beyond the financial benefits, the author shares a side of Buffett that is incredibly human, optimistic, and loaded with musings that will enrich every aspect of your life.
Warren Buffett turned Berkshire Hathaway from a struggling small textile business into the fifth-largest public company in the world, valued at nearly $350 billion. This book contains nearly three hundred quotes that Robert Bloch has personally found to be indispensable to financial success. With the written blessing of Buffett himself, Bloch has selected the best of Buffett’s wisdom that will guide you to be a more successful and disciplined long-term investor.
“For the investor, the business owner, the intelligent man or woman of any employment or occupation, I cannot imagine a more useful book. This is a shining, brilliant star of advice and insights from a genuinely great man . . . You cannot afford NOT to buy this book.” —Ben Stein, New York Times–bestselling author and economist
“[A] great achievement.” —Michael R. Bloomberg, founder and CEO of Bloomberg LP and 108th Mayor of New York City
Nice little book of the collection of key quotes from Warren Buffet. Lot of white space on the pages. But was what I expected. Most quotes are one to a few sentences in length. One of the longer ones is kind of a summary of Buffet's principles of investing (not gambling), on page 57. It was about a half page long, and the last sentence says it all: "How much more fruitful is it for us to think about whether the product is likely to sustain itself and its economies than to try to be questioning whether to jump in or out of the stock?"

- princess_green

Next level Investment education

- prince_hall

Buffett's advice to the common investor is right on. Their aren't very many common wage earners who have the savvy to invest in common stock, or the time and recources. Index funds will keep you up with 95 percent of everyone in the market. That would be way ahead of the talking heads on television! Keep preaching Warren.

- rylan_gray

If you are an investor or even a civilian not in the market, buy this book. Great wisdom.

- marissa_richardson

Warren Buffet - who knew billionaires could be so down to earth? Nuggets of wisdom from a stratospheric financial success.

- giuliana_rogers

Well organized saying of Warren Buffett.

- khaleesi_robinson

This is a great book. It contains more than 100 proverbs from the Oracle of Omaha. Best if we can read this book many times until we really got the point. Thanks!

- lochlan_flores

A thoughtful compilation of utterances and quotations from the great master. It can be seen above all that the great is mostly in the simple, and that true intelligence is simply expressed.

As Albert Einstein once said "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

- bexley_harris

I liked it! recommended, great phrases from W. Buffet!

- karla_cruz

Pearls of wisdom from the legendary investor. I'm not a hard core value investor as some other folks are, but I respect and admire Buffet's insights and folksy wisdom. This small hardback, provides great nuggets of wisdom, which can calm you down when everybody else loose their heads.

Most of investing is about managing your emotions- and this book helps you do that!

- jaxon_baker

A great inspiration in a summarized way to know a little more of Warren, very concise and informative book, I loved.

- finn_gutierrez

So much common sense comments and ideas that brought wealth and prosperity to him and his family. A book i will read many times.

- emmie_hughes

I thought I was buying recommendations and practical tips of how to pick stocks the Buffet way, and it was just a list of phrases and quotes Mr Buffet said. So, I feel the the term bible is very misleading

- kaylin_wright

Very easy & interesting to read. A must have to add to any reader's collection

- liberty_ortiz

Ausführliche Wiedergabe seiner wichtigsten Zitate und Aphorismen plus einige hochinteressante, wenig bekannte mehr. Das Buch ist ein Muss für die, die mit jedem Buch von und über Buffett immer neugieriger werden.

- anastasia_morgan

Veio com páginas mal colocadas.

- alondra_rogers

Words of Stock Market Wisdom.

- grey_robinson


- bridget_kelly

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