Naruto, Vol. 35: The New Two (Naruto Graphic Novel)

Naruto, Vol. 35: The New Two (Naruto Graphic Novel)

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By: Masashi Kishimoto

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Naruto accelerates his training while the Akatsuki systematically continue their assault on those with the Tailed Beasts inside them. First on the list is Yukito, a ninja from the Land of Clouds believed to harbor the Two-Tailed Beast. Will yet another ninja fall to the evils of the Akatsuki?

Our 11 y/o is finally enjoying to read because of these books. I haven't the slightest clue as to what they are about, but he sure does and he loves them. No more fighting to get him to complete his 1 hour of mandatory reading/day. Often times, he can put the books down ( I am slowly buying him the monster collection of Naruto books that he has wanted.

- odin_ortiz

Good read and came in great condition.

- sawyer_patel

all of manga's are great

- miracle_peterson

My daughter couldn't put the book down.

- maddox_scott

Perfect condition, I usually get small nicks on the spine or a small bend in the cover (those drive me crazy) but this book came to me shiny, unharmed. A true hot of the press condition.
5 stars.

- samira_alvarez

I love to read saga's! Couldn't put it down! Waiting for more from this author!!!!!!

- cooper_mendoza

Not much to review. It is a good quality product and the content is up to everyone to judge. Good manga. Great story. Good artwork. support the mangaka!

- finnegan_martinez

Naruto Volume 35 contains chapters 310 to 319.

Now that Sai has gained a little trust from Naruto and Sakura, he tries to become better friends with them but friendship can be a difficult thing.
We meet 2 more Akatsuki members, Hidan and Kakuzu and they manage to catch the two tailed Jinchuriki.
Naruto starts training again!
Plus more fun with Deidara and Tobi!!

- rhys_kim

Great buy

- myles_lopez

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