Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett/2008 Cosmic Edition/2 volumes

Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett/2008 Cosmic Edition/2 volumes

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By: Andrew Kilpatrick

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Warren Buffett
"Most respected company in the world"-Barron's. "Needs fleshing out"-Warren Buffett. "A surprisingly lively read"-Midwest Book Review. "A heavy read . Literally."-The Wall Street Journal. "The definitive story"-London Daily Telegraph.

- remington_campbell

Do not miss this 2-volume compendium. Readers are treated to insight and information about Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway from `roots to roost` in a thoroughly enjoyable light read of this pair of 5-pound books.

The Cosmic Edition is a terrific capsule of the Berkshire Hathaway experience, Buffett's focused value investing, and his sparkling sense of humor. The 333 very brief chapters (of which I am still engrossed) and 1,400 photos cover everything imaginable related to Buffett, the BRK companies, managers, directors, shareholders, mentors, and friends that make up the world of Berkshire Hathaway.

At nearly 10-lbs, the 2-volume set was a great value. I am delighted to add this copy to my library.

(This 2-volume set could be a nice addition to any office reception area or medical waiting room. It is entertaining and informative, so perhaps your clients will not mind the wait in the future.)

- nathan_hall

This is the most comprehensive book about Warren Buffett I have ever read. I read The Snowball by Alice Schroeder and I liked it, but I found this book easier to read. This book has it all from Salomon Brothers, the Buffett Partnership, his children, Berkshire Hathaway, and much more. This is a long book and it may seem a little daunting to finish it, but it is divided into short chapters. Readers can turn to any chapter and not feel lost at all. I read this book after reading all the other books about Warren Buffett, and I was surprised how much more I still learned about him.

- Mariusz Skonieczny, author of Why Are We So Clueless about the Stock Market? Learn how to invest your money, how to pick stocks, and how to make money in the stock market

- lainey_martinez

A hierarchy of who needs this book?

First tier. Anyone who desires to learn of Buffet, the 2008 richest man in the world, and did not realize his name was just misspelled.

Second tier. Anyone who knows Warren Buffett is the 2008 richest man in the world and wants to know more about how he lives and spends his time.

Third tier. Anyone who has been to an annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway and leaves Omaha still wanting to learn more about Buffett, his life, and the company he runs.

Fourth tier. Anyone who enjoyed the earlier editions of "Of Permanent Value" and now wants the convenience of an easier to read or hold two-volume set. It is time to buy this newer edition.

Fifth tier. Anyone who wants to read the new stories and to see the new photos in this edition "Of Permanent Value."

Andy has catalogued, with love and care, the many stories that make the life of Warren Buffett so interesting. His book is a labor or love; it is thorough, well indexed, and an invaluable reference for understanding the man that is Warren Buffett. I highly recommend this book and thank Andy for revising it once again.

- elliot_stewart

In his latest two-volume work, "Of Permanent Value The Story of Warren Buffett", Andrew Kilpatrick has proven his genius as a biographical historian equals the genius of Warren Buffett as an Entrepeneur.

During all of my years of reading everything available about and following the many activities of Warren Buffett, nowhere have I encountered as complete a compilation of pictures, personal memorabilia, and historic data as those condtained in Mr. Kilpatrick's work. The ingenuity and inventiveness of the book's presentation and the obvious effort required to amass and so careingly organize such an abundance of material leaves little doubt as to the author's personal admiration for his subject.

Overall, the format of the book is well organized, interesting, and very readable. However, one of my greatest pleasures emerged gradually as I discovered the value of the book's content from an historical perfspective. Because the author has so successfully endeavored to arrange all of his material chronologically, the work subtly conveys to the reader some insight into the variety of historical events our coutry hosted, commencing with Warren's very early years as a child in the 1930's and on up to the present day.

This Anthology of the young boy from Omaha, Nebraska who became the world's greatest financial entrepeneur, and wealthiest man, compiled by Andrew Kilpatrick, is destined to remain one of the most thorough, well-organized, and historic portrayals of Warren Buffett's personal life, methods, and business ventures ever assembled into a single source.

Whether for their informative value or merely pure pleasure, everyone interested in its subject should own this work by Andrew Kilpatrick. Nowhere else are the life, times, acquaintances, and entrepenurial genius of Warren Buffett so skillfully bundled into a single work.

These two very attractively bound volumes leave the reader thoroughly convinced that although Warren Buffett, in the realm of finance, has achieved the status of a Babe Ruth, it is Andy Kilpatrick, the author, who has just hit the home run!

- crystal_baker

1,800+ pages in length, this must be the most comprehensive treatise on the subject of Warren Buffett extant. This two-volume book is broken into 333 chapters, many just a page or two long. In addition there are many photos. Hence reading it is not as daunting as its length might suggest. Add to this Mr. Kilpatrick's engaging and light-hearted treatment of his subject and it makes for enjoyable as well as informative reading. Mr. Kilpatrick has been researching and writing about the Buffett phenomenon for the better part of two decades, so he knows whereof he speaks. One comes away with an enhanced appreciation of the genius, the integrity, and the generosity of "the Oracle of Omaha." Highly recommended reading.

- harry_carter

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