Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett/2014 Endless Extra Edition

Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett/2014 Endless Extra Edition

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By: Andrew Kilpatrick

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Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett/2014 Endless Extra Edition is a sweeping look at investor Warren Buffett and his company Berkshire Hathaway -- the firm with the $200,000 stock price. The book is a revised version of the 2014 Endless Edition which sold out. The work opens with a look at Berkshire's annual meeting, the largest and most famous in the world. The earlier edition began with a chapter about Heinz which has been expanded and moved to a later spot in the new book. Some chapters have been deleted from the earlier edition and replaced with fresher material. Many new color photos have been added. With more than 1300 pages and 340 newspaper story-like chapters and more than 2000 photos, the book is, as one Berkshire shareholder says, "ridiculously complete." Endless, actually. New vignettes range in topic from a recent large insurance investment to Buffett's casual evening out in Omaha with Paul McCartney. Another episode tells of how the purchase of a rare penny kept it in the Berkshire family. The rise of Buffett from his precocious youth to his exalted post as an elder statesman of business and philanthropy is chronicled in this readable, highly entertaining book.
Great read. Kilpatrick has done another excellent effort in his quest for the story of Warren Buffett. You must be strong to pick the book up. It would be helpful if Andy would address the benefit that Buffett derives from the tax benefits of reducing taxation on dividends from one corporation to another. Preferred dividends that are paid to Berkshire from other coroporations that it owns stock in such as GE, Goldman, have preferential tax treatment than dividends paid from a corporation to a shareholder which allows for greater returns on certain investments made by Berkshire. It permits greater compounding as well since Berkshire does not pay a dividend to its shareholders. It is legal but the tax code has a loophole and Buffett is able to use it to his advantage. Most corporations do not have direct investments in other corporations. This is known as the dividends received deduction. Readers should have an interest in this tax benefit as it is one of the many reasons for Buffett's success. Also, Andy should discuss more of the failures of Berkshire and the inconsistancies in what Buffett has said publically and what he actually does. Great reading for the cold winter ahead.

- cairo_rivera

After months of avid reading, I've finally turned the last page of Andy Kilpatrick's latest epic volume detailing `everything Buffett`.... one of my favorite subjects.

Not only is "OPV, The Story of Warren Buffett" riveting, wonderfully illustrated,humorous, and educational,... it contributed nicely to my daily workout. My biceps and triceps have never been more glorious from regularly lifting the `weighty` unabridged edition.

Andy Kilpatrick brings the "real" Warren Buffett and his Berkshire Hathaway legacy to life with in depth insight and humor like no other writer can.

- alisa_mendoza

The new edition of Andy Kilpatrick's fascinating biography of Warren Buffett, Of Permanent Value, is a large compilation of details about Buffett's life history. There are more than 2,000 pictures throughout the book that add interest to the well-written history of the man, his colleagues, family, and friends.

The author became fascinated with Buffett early on. He set out to document what he learned by writing it all down in this excellent book, adding new information every one to two years. Thus the new 2014 edition is named "Endless Edition" so that the reader is aware that much of what is found here is recent.

I heartily recommend Mr. Kilpatrick's book as an important addition to the reader's library. The reader will enjoy the lay-out, including the easy to read text, the arrangement of chapters, the many quips and conversations between Buffett and his acerbic partner, Charlie Munger, many new and interesting details about his rise to fame and fortune, and fully indexed notes.

I bought this book just before attending the Berkshire-Hathaway Annual Meeting in Omaha, May 2014. I began reading the book before arriving in Omaha and found the information contained within added so much more to my experience at the meeting. I learned that the author attends this meeting regularly and has done so for several decades. I met with him there and gained a new-found admiration for his work on documenting Buffet's life and for his dedication to teaching others through this fine book.

- everett_brown

If you have trouble understanding Buffett and his Berkshire, you will be given so many facts and information, that you will not be able to absorb them. Andy and his love affair with Berkshire and Buffett is really come a long way. His books are fabulous, and if you want to know something and have the time to read, this is the book. From start to finish.

- payton_sanders

Of Permanent Value (2014 Edition) is the best and most up to date compilation of facts and information on the life of Warren
Buffett (The most famous investor of our time and perhaps the most unique individual) available under one cover!....The photos alone are priceless.....I would recommend this book to anyone interested in investing, business, or the study of specifically, Warren

- tara_james

True Buffett fans (and who isn't one?) will love owning this book, which can provide years of reading pleasure without fear of ever finishing it! It's almost like being with Warren Buffett in real time.

- norah_scott

This is a great book for anyone who is interested in Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway.

- nicolas_jones

Another wonderful read by Andrew Kilpatrick! New stories and value added information with each yearly edition. Looking forward to next years book by Andy!

- estelle_price

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