Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

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By: Nora Roberts, Christina Traister, et al.

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts brings us a classic story about the risks we will take when love is on the line....

They were like night and day. Ty Starbuck was a man known for his devastating good looks and volatile passions. Asher Wolfe was infamous for both her beauty and icy control. Together they had set the tennis world ablaze. Now, even after years apart, Asher realizes that she still loves Ty - deeply. But she knows if she reveals her secret, she could lose it all again... including Ty.

I did enjoy reading the book eventually, but it took me several chapters to really get into the story to find the connection between the two characters. Then again, I really do not know tennis that well or the game so, that did help spark any interest. Love Nora Roberts, she sparks interest most of the time in her books to get you hook, but for me, this one was not one of them.

- marley_rodriguez

Having played tennis this I intrigued me just for the sport. I have to say the mess of emotions and history between these two tennis pros was overwhelming at times. You just had to wait a moment and pause. The conflict of emotions and the lies from third parties, well I assume all this could happen. We are human after all. As always wanting more, a satisfying read!

- sonia_chavez

Very much enjoyed this book. Another story to get lost in. Nora Roberts does it again. It will not disappoint

- caleb_roberts

This story is an easy read. It is your typical Nora Roberts story about commitment and finding love. Happy ending.

- cameron_wright

This another Nora Roberts novel basing characters in the tennis world. It gives you ideas that this a tough world. Then she weaves a love story that was and starts to bloom again. There are secrets the second time around that have to be told all around before a happy ending.

- amayah_diaz

See above comments.storyline predictable and shallow. Tennis playing could have had more coverage for interest. Ex husband role not believable.

- wren_cook

Love everything she writes.

- noah_johnson

My attention was held from the first word to the last. I liked Ty and Asher the struggle they had with their relationship, Asher's determination to come back to a tough sport after being away for three years. I think anyone would enjoy reading this book.

- cohen_anderson

An interesting read. it had you wanting to read it without interruptions.

- ayden_foster

As a great fan of Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb I can only voice my disappointment in this book. Boring is the kindest I can say about it. I like to re-read some of Roberts book, this one I immediately erased from my kindle.

- john_clark

Loved it as always

- barrett_king

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