Oprah Winfrey (Just the Facts Biographies)

Oprah Winfrey (Just the Facts Biographies)

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By: Katherine E. Krohn

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Chronicles the life of the entertainer and businesswoman from her difficult childhood through the success of her television talk show and book club.
"I'm just a voice trying to help people rediscover their best selves." ~ Oprah

Oprah is a fascinating woman and in this "Just the Facts Biography" we learn about all her major achievements and the life choices that made her the amazing woman she is today. I especially enjoyed learning about her childhood and some of the stories are amusing. One sad story is about how her mother took books away from her and didn't let her go to the library. Later Oprah becomes pregnant and has to deal with the death of her first child.

When you think about what Oprah had to overcome it is amazing that she is as successful as she has turned out to be. In this biography you also learn about her rise to power and how she took opportunities that were presented to her so she would be in the right place at the right time. This book also contains the story of how she met her best friend Gayle King and how she had pajama parties at Maya Angelou's home. A lot has happened in Oprah's personal life since 2005 so this book is in need of an update.

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~The Rebecca Review

- kace_cooper

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