Oprah Winfrey Speaks: Insights from the World's Most Influential Voice

Oprah Winfrey Speaks: Insights from the World's Most Influential Voice

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By: Janet C. Lowe

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"People have told me that their lives have changed because of me. I take away from this the sense that I'm on the right track."
"I believe you're here to live your life with passion. Otherwise, you're just traveling through the world blindly-and there's no point to that."
"Oprah's on." It's the catchphrase that inspires millions around the world to tune in to one of the most trusted women in the history of television. Almost everyone follows Oprah's every move. One word about a book club selection sends an obscure first novel rocketing to the top of the bestseller list. Oprah Winfrey possesses what is arguably one of the world's most influential voices.
Alive with her unique warmth and insight, Oprah Winfrey Speaks reveals the mystique of Oprah in her own words. Drawing on hundreds of sources, Janet Lowe provides an evocative, personal portrait. Here are Oprah's opinions on everything from childhood and overcoming adversity to dealing with fame and staying real. Oprah Winfrey Speaks highlights Oprah's abiding faith, no-nonsense business rules, generosity, and love as well as her 10 commandments for lifelong success.
Oprah's lifetime theme has been personal transformation-she's constantly seeking, questioning, changing, and growing. This uplifting theme echoes throughout Oprah Winfrey Speaks.
Here is just a hint of the wisdom you'll discover:
* "Just tell the truth. It'll save you every time."
* "Don't complain about what you don't have. Use what you've got. To do less than your best is a sin. Every single one of us has the power for greatness, because greatness is determined by service-to yourself and to others."
* "I am a woman in progress. I'm just trying like everyone else. I try to take every conflict, every experience and learn from it. All I know is that I can't be anybody else. And it's taken me a long time to realize that."
* "If you're angry, be angry and deal with it. Don't go eat a bag of Ruffles."
* "God blesses you better when you pray on your knees."
The world listens when Oprah Winfrey Speaks
Here's just a hint of the wisdom you'll find inside...
"I am what I am because of my grandmother.
My strength. My sense of reasoning. Everything.
All that was set by the time I was six."
"Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity."
"I always feel if you do right, right will follow."
"You know the old clich-, 'a good man is hard to find'? Well, it's true. And the smarter you get, the harder they are to find."
This book has not been prepared, approved, licensed, or endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, Harpo Productions, or by any entity that creates, produces, or broadcasts THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW.
When I think of Oprah, I think of "awareness." Her presence on earth is to bring us all to the awareness of our potential. If you want to know more about her life, Janet Lowe will take you on a journey through Oprah's life. Within a few hours you will see Oprah in a whole new light.

What I find most fascinating about Oprah is her love of reading and quotes. Those are things I can relate to well. Now it seems, I have been collecting "Oprah quotes!" Throughout this book you will find Oprah's wisdom presented in an organized fashion in sections so they relate well to the topic.

Oprah speaks from a background of adversity. The events of her life have changed her, yet she has decided to take charge of her destiny and become a positive influence. Her background is almost shocking when you think of who she has become. The contrast is sharp and it is very apparent that she drew on an inner strength.

The book begins with details of Oprah's roots in Mississippi and her educational background. There is a discussion of "Harpo" and how she deals with her fame and fortune. Her generosity is impressive and her efforts for children's rights are commendable.

There are some things in life money can never replace. I was saddened by some aspects of her life and see how her own sorrow, abuse and lack of a loving relationship with her own parents early in life influenced her. Some of the best things in life are free. Money helps, but I don't think it heals the longing we all have for love.

Oprah's love of reading has encouraged others to delve into knowledge and better themselves. She also enjoys writing in a "gratitude" journal. Janet Lowe brings out the positive and negative aspects of Oprah's life. With more than 22 million American viewers hanging on her every word, she continues to have the instinctive knack of feeding their desire to find meaning in life.

Oprah started me reviewing because after seeing Gary Zukav on her show, I wanted to know more about the books she was talking about and knew others would also want to know more. I thought maybe I could help others see what was in his books.

Oprah sent me on a journey to delve into the minds of our time. A journey of discovery I have just started on! For that I thank her.

~The Rebecca Review

- titus_foster

such wisdom and life story. she is inspirational and that she gives so much to others is impressive. we need more people like her in this world.

- june_baker

I believe that books of thsi nature are to show and elucidate hwo certain kinds of peopel think and act. I think that the consumer shoudl remember that most of these books are gleaned and compiled from interviews, articles and TV quotes not the person directly. Which means that things can be taken out of context or contrary events can be exampled to a person's time static comment.
All the same, this book is pretty good for insight in Oprah and her thoughts on some issues as well as maturely seeing how her opinion has grown/matured over the years.
A good subject makes a good book but this isn't the indepth exploration of Oprah that one may hope. Perhaps in some ways she can't truly be seen in any other context as she has a show where she talks about herself and her experiences. Only a book absolutely written by her could ever truly reveal her. Someone truly interested in her thoughts will have to wait for that day.

- martin_watson

Don't be surprised if you look up "American Dream" and find Oprah Winfrey's picture smiling back at you. Of course I know that word (or is it phrase since it's 2 words?) isn't in the dictionary, but you know what I mean. Born a poor black girl in the Deep South and raised by a grandmother who gave her the key to her success: education, she overcame poverty, sexual abuse, the death of a child, a broken relationship with her mom, racism, and sexism to become one of (if not the) the richest women in the world. This book, mixed with a flowing narrative and quotes from Oprah herself, details her journey from a victim to a survivor. Topics include fame, the value of an education, books, love, self esteem, prejudice, and spirituality. A few quotes from her friend Gayle, her father, and a few others also pepper the text for a more round view of Oprah. Some quotes make you sad and some make you smile, but you'll feel inspired and know that you can do anything you want. If Oprah can, why not you?

- bridger_baker

Hello, My name is Sabuyen and I am from Hokkaido, Japan. ...Itruly enjoy this book becase Oprah Winfrey represent all strongintelligent woman in America. In this book you shall read all herinsight and charm. Perhaps I am more awareness becase of a childhoodin Japan, where it is vey different to be a woman.
This is the firstlong book I have read in English. It took me a vey long time to read,but please belive, it was worth every minute. I am delight to alsodiscover that there is a "cassete" version of this bookavalable on www.amazon.com. I shall listen as I ride the bus orexercise.
When you read this book you shall feel power and energyfrom Oprah. She think positive, despite a difficult background, andshe has work hard for what she have. Here Oprah does share her wisdomand intelligence. It is very plain to see.
Oprah, if you are readthis, please know that you are my hero and roll model, and for everyother woman in America. You have give so much to all.
If anyone wishto read more about me, please read my profile. Love, Sabuyen.

- zoie_nelson

What a fantastic woman this is,great book,highly recommend for a good read,she is a star so she is,since I buying this book I've bought a few of hers,fantastic book

- addyson_campbell

Thank you

- eden_price

reccomended not read

- collins_davis

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