Out Cold

Out Cold

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A classic. You can't not love it. Casablanca on snow with more shenanigans. If you've never seen it, buy it now. You won't regret it.

- jade_martinez

This movie shows snowboarders to be MUCH more intelligent and safer than they actually are.

I found this movie to have some funny parts however it is a poor remake for the original masterpiece “Ski Patrol” made in 1990. (Available on DVD.)

The Out Cold DVD contains a lot of extras that I found to be better than the movie itself.

- mason_miller

This is one of my all time favorite movies (right up there with Grandma's Boy, Super Troopers, and Euro Trip) It's a hilarious movie but if you don't like somewhat stupid and crude humor you probably won't enjoy it nearly as much. zach galifianakis is hilarious, this is one of the first movies I ever actually saw him in and I have been a fan ever since. This is a great fun movie and will totally make you wish you lived in Alaska, worked at a ski mountain and had friends like these. The car scene... no one can tell me they watched that and didn't immediately wish they could pull that prank on a friend. The characters are lovable and hilarious, all of them (Pig Pen, Jenny, Rick, Luke, Anthony, Lance...) and this is one of those movies I watch over and over again and never get tired of it, and I quote it all the time. I highly recommend this to any and everyone!

- hayden_walker

My boyfriend tried to get me to watch this movie and it took a couple days for me to be convinced. I watched the preview and then rented and it and I ended up really liking it a lot!

- arthur_baker

Such a hilarious comedy, you do not have to like snowboarding to enough this.

- lyle_castillo

This isn't a very well-known movie as far as I'm aware, but I am happy to have been introduced to it and had to have it in my library. It's more of a stupid funny movie so it caters well to that type of audience...which I fit into quite well. The DVD doesn't offer too much in extras as far as I remember, but there's really no need for any.

- savanna_morales

My boyfriend and I watched this for fun, and because we are going on a ski trip in a couple weeks. We were not disapointed - its so 90s fabulous- and a lighthearted, stonner comedy. Zach Galifianakis kind of steals the show in a good way. Would recommend if you want something easy with a few chuckles here and there.

- payton_sanders

Ive watched this every year as my homage to the snow gods. Before every first trip, and ill continue. Hilarious.

- romina_jimenez

This is standard ski lodge comedy fare that has been done a hundred times over although it is still reasonably enjoyable. There are some good early appearances from AJ Cook and Zach Galifianakis, and David Koechner is quite funny in a smaller supporting role. Of course, for the resort totty we get Victoria Silvstedt in her usual typecast role, poorly acted and there for nothing but scenery. Whilst the film won't win any awards for acting or writing, it still has enough moments to keep you amused such as Galifianakis getting his penis stuck in a jacuzzi hole, and the soundtrack is pretty good if you enjoy the likes of Weezer and Jack Johnson. Overall, if you enjoy these ski lodge comedy movies, it's worth a look. It's certainly better than Frostbite (starring Traci Lords) anyway. 3/5.

- easton_rogers

Very happy with it

- kristina_peterson

Had to write a 5 star review to show how great this film is. It is FUNNY, well scripted, well cast, well directed and everything else is great about it. Some great acting from Jason London (Mallrats), in a role which is much like the one he played in Mallrats. The most enjoyable thing about the film is watching the supporting actors and the hilarious things they get up to.
The film has some brilliant goofball/slapstick moments, but the funniest parts are the bits which show 'smart' comedy - comic gems in the script, the way particular lines are delivered by the cast etc.
I love feel good films, even though they are often predictable, and this is at the top of its class. You won't be disappointed!

- camryn_martin

This is a great comedy! Havent watched it in years and it made me laugh out loud again.

- jolene_parker

This is the best movie ever, I love it, you should wach it. Every minute is funn. I did whach 100 times,

- bruno_adams

It wasn't big, it's not clever, but it is terribly funny. If you like any of these films, you will love this one:
- Any Adam Sandler movie - principally Happy Gilmore, Mr. Deeds, Water Boy
- Old School
- Slackers
- Van Wilder Party Liason
- Porkys
- Animal House

- ali_martinez

This film follows the lives of several snowboarding friends in a small village in Alaska. They all lead fairly normal lives for snowboarding, hanging out working and having fun at the same time.
But then one day some loaded, hot shots cowboy wants to buy the mountain and turn the whole place into a commercial ski resort. But the locals are outrages and try everything in their power to keep the mountain their own.
I thought the storyline was good and the snowboarding was wicked so if you like snowboarding you will love this!!!

- tyler_garcia

this film features, great storyline, insane snowboarding, pant wetting humour, a soundtrack that will blow your socks off and some really hot women.
This film is essential to any teen early 20's viewer and i assure you you will be happy with it.
buy it, NOW!

- kian_evans

DVD doesn't work. Case is broken but that doesn't matter because the DVD doesn't play. Waste of money and time.

- ingrid_young

Perfect condition and a great price! So glad I finally found this movie it's an all time favorite!

- india_hughes

A comedy I will watch again and again.

- rosemary_cruz

The best movie of all times my favorite

- skyler_chavez

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