Out Of The Silent Planet;Perelandra;That Hideous Strength

Out Of The Silent Planet;Perelandra;That Hideous Strength

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By: C. S. Lewis

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Beautiful gift-quality copy of the omnibus collection of the author's three novels: Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength.
I love C S Lewis, and highly recommend anything he wrote. This trilogy includes science fiction with philosophy, theology, and a story line that in some ways is reminiscent of Orwell's 1984.

- ismael_price

C.S. Lewis' beguiling trilogy published in omnibus form. I initially wanted all 3 books in one volume since I was reading them all together for a study group; upon reflection, it would have been much easier to buy them separately. Individually the books are relatively short, so I was fairly surprised to receive this massive omnibus. I love big books, but in paperback form, the covers and binding of this one are a little weak to support such a tome. Still a beautiful book, but not the most convenient reading copy.

- brodie_robinson

I first read these books when I was in high school. As an adult, I recommended them to my son, and while I was thinking about them, I read them again. I got a lot more out of them the second time around. I bought the trilogy as a gift for my son so he could take it with him when he went to college. Worth buying the books because they improve with re-reading.

- hendrix_carter

My copy of the paper back edition (1997)ordered from Amazon arrived safely today and this 85 year old disciple of of C. S. Lewis is looking forward to stretching out and beginning his read. The copy ( ASIN: 0739411462 listing ID 0302NCT60CQ Out of the Silent Planet/Perelandra/That Hideous Strength ) is in good condition and I am very pleased to have it. Thank you.

- timothy_murphy

As promised.

- remington_jackson

Who knew Lewis did science fiction. I sure didn't till I stumbled on this. We read the first installment on loan from a friend and then had to have the whole set. Great read.

- amber_smith

My only wish is that I'd bought them as separate volumes, as the single volume is pretty hefty unless you're into Stephen King :) :)

- kai_clark

Excellent shape.

- jaxson_ward

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