Outwitting Tomorrow: Secrets For Living From the Great Pyramid

Outwitting Tomorrow: Secrets For Living From the Great Pyramid

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By: Valiant Thor and Frank E. Stranges Ph.D

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Join renowned thinker Valiant Thor (whose life has been the subject of many books and films such as "The Stranger at the Pentagon") as he examines the symbols of the Great Pyramid at Giza through story, metaphor, and direct teaching, revealing how they might help us in today's world.

This book is perfect for today's Westerner, who understands the basic principles of Christianity, yet wants to expand their knowledge into more galaxial realms.

"Outwitting Tomorrow" is inspired writing - a timely, practical prescription for survival and growth through the cataclysmic events aligning for this planet, as prophesied of old.

The author's mastery becomes apparent due to the complete absence of authoritarian rules. Instead, he focuses on how to expand one's perspective in an intuitive, life-affirming, self-loving way. Each uplifting suggestion has its own innate value, potentially showering the reader in positive outcomes.
I have always believed the world knew about alien visitation so the existence of Valiant Thor (except for the name) is not a surprise to me. The book, Outwitting Tomorrow, however, is a pleasant product of that belief. These few pages give amazing and soul enlightening views on the reality of why we are really here and how we should live. Although I find the addition of Frank Stranges's own deep religious inspired rhetoric annoying, I remember that he stated he knew Thor only a few months before the aliens departure. Thor had tried for nearly 3 years to get the President, the Pentagon and the rest of the nations to open up to his truths. Of course, they couldn't. Our entire way of thinking would have to change just as the prophet Jesus stated so long ago, "..the world will not change until the hearts of man change..." Although I do believe in a higher, loving intelligence many of the sentences go overboard as if Stranges is quoting his own beliefs. Maybe Thor realized this was the only way to continue his teachings so he let that remain. Whatever the truth, I find this short book very life-changing. I have always believed some of these teachings so it made me happy to see that I may be correct in them. For others, the simplicity of it will be too hard to swallow. The mere thought of laughing at your own weaknesses instead of complaining, in attempting to find some joy in doing something you detest, in allowing others to do what they can do for themselves and in and in turning away hatred and negativity are just simple laws that would make us all finer and happier human beings. His call for an elimination of greed which would discount the necessity for a lot of doctors, lawyers, etc. did not go well with the government at that time (can you imagine today?), and his discussion of the illusion of having a "soul mate" (which does happen but is rare) that wastes our time searching when we could be doing more for ourselves and our fellow man are just a few discussions among many that we have never considered. The need for silence is encouraged. Of course, the description of the pyramid and it's relation to our history is very detailed. Whoever this visitor was I have to believe it was just not the creation of Frank Stranges but a real entity, who came and went, probably very disappointed which makes it seem even more real. If you are angry or disappointed in this world today take a quick read of Outwitting Tomorrow. It might be better than any psychologist or religious teaching you are using today.

- isaac_allen

Yes, you found it! If you are searching for your life's purpose.... read this book, it has so many answers that we can't seem to find on our own, once you read this book you will never be the same. Make sure to follow the instructions.

- jaxon_baker

There is much applicable wisdom here, the story also makes it easier to follow, I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it

- matthias_morris

Read it. If you have questions this has the answer. It's not complicated or wordy. It answer all the questions of why things in your life and world are the way they are right now. The book gives teaching on universal truths that will change your life moving forward. Don't waste time reading reviews get it. It's a 2hr read you can't put down. I didn't get paid for the review and bought the book myself.

- ellen_king

Love this book!! I'm glad I was referred to me.

- brooks_brown

Great read and many truths in this book. I highly recommend this read for people seeking more in life and know they were meant for greatness.

- presley_jimenez

Totally amazing info about the historical info (up to today) encoded in the Egyptian pyramids!

- landon_cruz

I liked the podcasts I saw of Frank Stranges. Stranges was warm, reasonable, and kind. As to Valiant Thor I wonder what kind of being he really is. The cause of Cancer which 1 in 3 americans get nowdays because your food, vaccines, water, air have been poisoned to give you cancer on purpose is listed as selfishness, disastisfied love nature, and frustration. Really? The discussion of the great pyramid is interesting. Maybe Eisenhower was right in rejecting this man, he seems,judgemental and lacking compassion. I was very impressed with the beings like Solganda who gave to humanity the Integretron which was stolen like Tesla's papers were rounded up and stolen, ie removed from public access. Also Howard Menger and his free energy device and ufo he built were taken by the US govt. What Thor says may well be true but his presentation puts me off. A for content, D for presentation. Also he talked mostly to men. Men in this country out earn women for the same work, have more opportunities than women to work and suffer less job discrimination but he makes no accounting for that. He would be fine for a white male to interact with but he doesn't take in the sexual and racial discrimination that exist in this country. I will read his books but I don't ever care to meet him. I would have loved to have met Solganda and Menger's ET but this guy leaves me cold, almost as if an android or a Nazi was writing it. The world has gotten much worse than when the benign space brothers visited in the 60s. Alot of people face job disastifaction and lack of job stability now. It's harder to achieve now what he urged that people could achieve in the 50-60s. Lack of regard for education, lack of morals and ethics are sorely lacking now compared to 70 years ago. Still it's nice that information be made available from that era. Listen to Frank Stranges podcasts. They are alot more emotionally accessible than reading these books. And get this," the ones who turn westward will be protected from coming evil" but the rest of us are just fair game. This book will appeal to an elitist who thinks he is superior and more deserving than everyone else. This has been a great disappointment to me and it just makes me angry, alienated and disgusted, not illumined or enlightened.
But if you think you are special and elite you might really love this book because it was written for you.

- celia_cruz

I read this immediately after "Stranger at the Pentagon". This book is very well written and offers insight into the philosophy of Val Thor and his people. The lessons taught in the book are applicable in our every day lives. The book also makes you realize that "Disclosure" is already happening and that the alines have given up on talking to the governments of the world but are instead contacting 'those that are ready'...

- emory_miller

good to start off then weans a bit at the end - Ed

- bowen_edwards

Very useful for all who are happy to " turn west" I highly recommend this book. I will read this book multiple times.

- gwen_morris

This book outlines a new dispensation for humanity for the new millenium. It uses 2 males characters in which a Teacher gives the new dispensation. They are then tasked with going forth & teaching others. However there was no female character in this book that received the teaching also. So this teaching smacks of the continuation of male patriachy all over again. Very disappointed in this teaching & does not give me any hope for the future of humanity.

- cole_anderson

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