Patricia Cornwell: The Front

Patricia Cornwell: The Front

Posted by jack_miller | Published 6 months ago

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I have not been able to get this DVD to play on my equipment.

- grey_robinson


- ivy_davis

The DVD was in excellent condition.

- arabella_cruz

This is not a great movie and not really a very good movie. However if you are a fan of Patricia Cornwell books you will enjoy this one. It's a cop movie of course and again watchable. The actors are ok and do a passable job. I recomend it to Cornwell fans.

- moises_thomas

Enjoyable movie and I'll probably watch it again.

- cody_cox

Have been waiting for this to come out on DVD. Enjoyed it as much as the first time I saw it on Lifetime!

- cayden_green

I absolutely love patricia cornwell her books keep you on your toes and the storylines are fantastic i would recommend to anyone

- scarlette_miller

The books were good and the movie is really good also. Wish Patrica Cornwell would write books with these two people in it.

- matilda_lee

I am an avid fan of Patricia Cornwell books however done to film hasn't worked for me. Andie MacDowell being the main female character is this and the sequel wouldn't be my choice, Found her role very irritating. The plot was as good as I would expect but found the whole production too TV movie like.

- cheyenne_young

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