Piña Coladas

Piña Coladas

| Published 10 months ago

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By: Roxanne Rhaman

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Can a couple fall in love twice?
The second time over the internet?

Shannon Carter has succeeded at almost everything she's ever tried. Graduate from college with a Master's Degree in Education while dating Trevor, the love of her life? Easy. Open a learning center and run it single-handedly? No problem. Get through life without any affection from her parents? Who needs them? Believe in a lasting marriage? Not so easy.

Months after she and Trevor have separated, Shannon struggles to remain the confident, happy person she's always been. Luckily, she has a devious friend, Alexis, with a confusing, new romance of her own, who's determined to make things right.

When she convinces Shannon to join an online support group, she conveniently doesn't mention the man Shannon thinks of as a stranger is actually Trevor.

Can a relationship start through instant messages only? Probably not. But can a marriage be saved by mutual understanding and shared regret? Maybe.

It started out slow for me but then I started to enjoy it. Another good love story and a good example of why couples should seek counseling before they get divorced.

- dario_kim

What a great story. Is love better the second time around? Shannon had to battle things from her past in order to move forward in her life. Was it worth it? Read this book and find out. I highly recommend it 😊

- ryker_walker

From the beginning, I had the song running through my head.
The story did not disappoint.
Lovable characters.

***I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.***

- matteo_gray

Slow to start, the book drew me in and I became captured by the story. Shannon and Trevor proved love can conquer. Characters were well developed and it was a pleasure to read a book with a realistic, yet happy ending.

- dulce_gutierrez

This a great story based on a song that I never liked. But don’t let this song steer you away from this really good story about second chances. It’s a quick enjoyable read with a happy ending. Give it a try. I am glad I did.

- gunnar_torres

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