Pizza Royale Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel, 19.6 Inch x 12 Inch

Pizza Royale Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel, 19.6 Inch x 12 Inch

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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I bought this as a last minute Christmas gift for my husband. The good reviews outweighed the bad so I took my chances. I should’ve listened to the bad reviews. I received a damaged product. The handle is cracked or just not pieced together well. There is visible glue on the end and just simply looks terrible. I’m afraid of it completely splitting as other reviews claim. It can’t be used as a cheese board because the part that shows, the handle, is so unattractive. The rest of the board is actually very nice looking. I feel like they tried to repair a damaged product, did a poor job, and tried to pass it off to me as a new board. With the board arriving two days before Christmas, I don’t have time to purchase a new one. I’m so disappointed!

- keyla_mendoza

I have owned many pizza peels and they have always splintered, worked, and ended up breaking in half. When I ordered this I was a little skeptical because it sounded so amazing, but everything they say is true. Not only is this board beautiful but the quality is outstanding ! It is perfectly smooth with a nice beveled edge, comfortable grip, cleans nicely and works perfectly, we use it in our outdoor pizza oven and the pizzas with a little cornmeal slide right into the oven with ease, the company was a very efficient, the board arrived within days, and the owner of the company contacted me shortly after to ask if I was satisfied with the product when I said I hadn't used it yet she checked back in a week and said they were a small company and she just wanted to make sure that I was happy with my purchase. Not only am I happy with my purchase but I am also happy with this amazing small family Business and I wish them the best of luck in the future I recommend ordering from this company anytime they're great! Thank you Melisse

- julian_scott

Great peel! I used it twice so far. I’m not sure most people know how to use a peel. You have to touch the dough to a hot pizza stone and this pulls the pizza off the peel. I had a friend trying to shake it off the peel with no flour on the peel all’s that will do is make a mess in your oven lol! Pay attention and watch a video if needed. This peel is perfect for smaller type pizza.

- luis_taylor

I made my first pizza the other night in a new Pizza Oven. I slide the pizza off the rolling surface to the peel and completed building the pizza. I had a little trouble getting the pizza off the peel on to the stone in the oven as I had under floured the peel before making the pizza on it. On the way out of the oven I had the same issue as the pizza stuck to the stone a little. The Peel worked perfectly for the cooked portion of the pizza and I would recommend the flour on the dough not the peel!! Live and learn. It was a great tool and exactly the right size. I will enjoy using it with more practice!!

- victoria_jackson

Based on the reviews, I felt pretty confident buying this peel. When I took it out of the box, I immediately noticed one seam in the wood that had some glue residue showing. Like someone had wiped the excess off with their finger. You can see the shiny spot in the picture. I goes from end to end. It was only one seam, the rest of the peel looked perfect. I should have known. While using it for only the fourth time, it just fell apart at that very seam. Split all the way, completely in two pieces. I either got someone’s return or the manufacturer patched one together hoping it would hold. Unfortunately for me, I’m past the month return window so into the kindling pile it goes.

- miya_long

Used it like 4 times which means 4 washes and there is cracking in the middle of my board. Kind of disappointed because I expected an expensive cutting board should last more than 4 uses.

- tadeo_allen

Received our Pizza Peel and honestly do not know why I waited so long.
Maybe I wanted to see if I could burn/sear/singe every finger and most of the hairs on my arms first before wising up and purchasing the best one I could find.
I have used it twice and it is great! Also, it is too attractive to hide in a cabinet, we have ours hanging on the wall near the oven.
The only downside are the flashbacks I get from trips to the asst. principal's office in high school...he had something similar hanging on his wall.
I highly recommend this product!

- zion_ramirez

The pizza paddle works wonderfully with a dusting of flour. I make the pizza right on the paddle and then slide the pizza onto the pizza stone. In order to lift the pizza off the pizza stone, I do need a pair of tongs to pull the pizza onto the paddle.

- juan_torres

Bought this as our pizzas were sticking to our aluminium Ooni paddle. Put a bit of semolina on it first, and it works a lot better than the metal one, although we still use that to move the pizza around in the oven. Should have bought one earlier!

- ezra_morgan

Fantastic product which helps in launching my pizzas in the oven and also serving on the table.

- kaysen_diaz

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