Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Slim Fit w/Wicking 3-Pack Crews

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Slim Fit w/Wicking 3-Pack Crews

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 2 months ago

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Undershirts that are too loose can make dress shirts look disheveled. This t-shirt is indeed slim fit. I'm 160 lbs/5'10". I purchased the small. It fits close to the body as intended. The neck hole is a little large. Someone my size could probably be ok with a medium too.

- ashley_perez

What The Fresh Hell Is Wrong With The Collar Opening?

You know the tv commercial with the guy who’s on a date and wearing a t-shirt with the collar all stretched out? Welcome to these undershirts. The collar opening is so big that the shirt basically sits on almost my shoulders, yet the shirt itself fits perfectly.
I bought these in black also and although the collar opening is big on those too, definitely not as badly.

I can not recommend these.

- brenna_sanders

Amazing. I own several dozen of this particular shirt. The black shirts are 5 starts, but the other colors—particularly the greys—do not fit the same. They are shorter and their necks are much looser. Update: ordered a second set of all black just like the first of three total packs. The second set of all blacks: they are also the same RN # EXCEPT for the last series of numbers, i.e., not the same profiduct. These don’t even feel like 100 percent cotton. They are comparatively abrasive (versus the originals) and they do NOT breathe. It should be illegal to sell different products under the same RN # Via the Purchase Again button. I’d love to return them, but to good will they go. Went from 5 stars for the for the first 3-pack to two stars for the loss of six shirts to sly manufacturing/design changes.

- alannah_gonzales

If you dont mind the shorter than average sleeve length, they are good lightweight shirts. Mine appear to be legitimate RL products but I am not a counterfeit detention expert. I do say this with 95+ percent certainty. Based on the packaging quality, incorporated anti theft RFID, and the apparel itself.

I am a broad shouldered slim athletic build 5'9 130 lbs. If it was any smaller I wouldn't wear it due to sleeve length. I purchased Large. I might buy more in the XL size

On a side note, The "classic fit" versions I purchased has a nice looser fit on me.

High quality light shirts. Brand logo will score you some clout even paying less than 15 per shirt.

- eloise_hughes

I love them, I have a petite body, wearing xs or s of another brands like Nautica, 32-33 CK dress shirts and xs or s of Levi’s T-shirts. Also, I wear small size shorts and pants and 29 waist of jeans.

These were above my expectations while they fit me great while I hate the regular fit T-shirts.

- frances_nguyen

These are very comfortable shirts. I probably could have used a L instead of an XL just for a little tighter fit. I guess it depends on what you are after. I am 6'3" and 225 LBS. I purchased an XL. They fit well, but since I wear them under other shirts I would like them a little more snug. If you just want a regular white shirt to wear around then probably order your normal size. Also, the neck becomes "loose" after a short amount of wear. Nothing too excessive but worth mentioning. I bought a second order after wearing the first ones.

- shelby_bailey

Bought for my bf. Nice fit for tall/muscular build torso, finally.... however, the thin material twists in the washer and dryer so the seams don’t stay on the sides, they end up partially in front and back. Need to be thicker/better quality material for the price. For reference my bf is 6’3” about 210lb with a tall torso, regular shirts are too short on him, usually have to find big and y’all sizes.

- jett_smith

I'm 6',175 lbs. Medium build. These fit perfectly. Snug but comfortable. As a contractor I really appreciate them being longer than most undershirts as to avoid the dreaded "plumbers crack". I believe my clients appreciate it even more so.... Extremely pricey for just a T shirt, but they are indeed good quality.

- dakota_allen

Excelente material, la talla queda perfecta (soy muy delgado), es justo lo que esperas, sin duda me haré de otro juego de playeras de este tipo

- cullen_taylor

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