Positively Bob: Willie Nile Sings Bob Dylan

Positively Bob: Willie Nile Sings Bob Dylan

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By: Willie Nile

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Love this CD! This project is a natural for Willie Nile as he's been getting the Dylan comparisons throughout his 40 year career. It's clear that he truly loves these songs and has made a great connection to them. These are not imitations, but interpretations as only Willie Nile can provide. High points include turning The Times They Are A Changin' and Blowin' In The Wind into meaty power pop anthems. Rainy Day Women gets a rocking bluesy slide guitar treatment while A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall gets a softer, but emotionally charged reading. And of course there's the singalong country sounding You Ain't Goin Nowhere, one of my favorites. I've seen Willie Nile perform numerous times over the years and these songs will translate easily and effectively into his live shows. Hope to see a Volume 2 in the future. This CD will be in heavy rotation in my car this summer!

- jaziel_martin

Was a fan of WN's early years. Hav'nt listened to him in a long time. I'm a Dylan
fan, so I took a chance. Only song I didn't care for was "rainy day woman". Love
Dylan's version, haven't heard any other version I like. An enjoyable listen.

- alicia_collins

Willie is virtually unknown commodity. The man lives and breathes rock and roll. Great interpretayions of classic tunes.

- carlos_young

Absolute loved it! I'm not going to disect the music song by song It is very enjoyable to lissten too. ISN'T that what it's all about,.

- skyler_chavez

Another excellent release from Willie that serves Bob's work well.

- ayleen_lopez

I think that Willie and the band turn this tribute album into a rocking new and unique take on Bob's wonderful song writing.
I just love the arrangements and hope that more people get to hear it and realize what an awesome performer Willie is.

- kyla_mendoza

Outstanding effort by one of America's best live performer/songwriters!
Quite a gift to Dylan fans, as well.
Go Willie!!

- jakob_nelson

Willie Nile makes these Dylan songs really rock!! Cd ends to soon.!

- maleah_morales

I know nothing about Willie Nile and bought this because I have like listening to others' interpretations of Dylan songs, from the '60s onwards. A mix of for me not very good vocals and pretty lack-lustre and clunky arrangements meant that I found the whole CD very disappointing. Based on the liner notes Nile clearly has a great love of Dylan's songs and contributions but that does not come across in the music on show here.

By the end I was left wondering if instead of just doing the older Dylan standards (many of which have been covered to death by others over the years) if Nile had done some more later period Dylan songs, he may just have been able to release a more interesting set.

- abril_patel

great reworking of Dylan songs, preformed well by willie and the band only 10 songs on the cd which is a bit of a let down,

- ahmad_stewart

Apparently Bob Dylan himself rates it as highly too. A nice cross section of Bob Dylan's songs arranged and performed brilliantly. Willi Nile at his best (as usual).

- kyree_ward

Very clever and intersting versions of classic from Bob Dylan

- celeste_murphy

Just an utterly brilliant album.

- manuel_kelly

The question was 'Did "Positively Bob; Willie Nile Sings Bob Dylan" meet your expectations'. It not only met my expectations, it surpassed them. I absolutely love this album. Willie Nile's voice is similar to Bob Dylan's so covering Dylan tunes holds Nile to a very high standard, a standard that he has met. He does a great job on the songs "I Want You", "Abandoned Love", "Love Minus Zero/No Limit", and "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere". The rest of the songs are also very good except for "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" which I did not like as much as the rest (but I did not really care for Bob Dylan's original version of it either). My only complaint might be that the album is quite short. It has only 10 songs on it and lasts just about 40 minutes. I wish Willie had put another 30 or so minutes of Bob Dylan songs on this album so that I would not have to play it twice every time I need to listen to it.

- dante_moore

1 first encountered Willie Nile in 1981 when I bought his lp Golden Down. The album quickly became
a favourite which I listened to over and over again. Then somehow I lost touch with him and his music.
It was only lately that i discovered that I still had his lp in my collection and realized
with regret that I had neglected his music for much too long. So I checked out what he was recording now
and noticed that his latest cd was a compilation of some of Bob Dylan's signature songs. Being a long
time fan of Dylan I decided to purchase it right away. I received it all the way from England yesterday
and have so far listened to it twice. I am at a loss for words to describe how Willie Niles's renditions
of Bob Dylan's songs absolutely blew me away. If you like Bob Dylan I would highly recommend that you
purchase Willie Niles's Positively Bob cd. You will not be sorry. I'm going to try to get the lps/cds
that he's recorded since Golden Down.

- ariana_rogers

Muy buen álbum de versiones de Bob Dylan de otro gran músico menos conocido. Willie Nile lleva en la última década 4 álbumes muy buenos, y en este tributo a Dylan hace unas versiones rockeras muy buenas

- angelica_flores

Versions fantàstiques de grans cançons de Dylan que Nile se les fa seves. Les envolta de respecte i d'una estructura rockera que farà les
delicies de tot aquell que estima a Willie Nile. Willie Nile es un geni. Amb admiració, mestre.

- wesley_hernandez

Suy fan de Willie desde su vuelta a la carretera en 1999 y he disfrutado de sus maravillosas actuaciones en directo siempre que viene a España. En este disco, versionea con autenticidad las sublimes canciones de Dylan, con respeto pero con valentía. En directo seguro que ganan

- adalyn_king

Wiilie Nile ancora una volta strepitoso e tarantolato. Rivisita in modo personale Bob Dylan accompagnato da una band di grandissimo spessore! Questo è il rock e mi sembra tutt'altro che morto!

- harper_hernandez

Another fantastic Willie Nile disc.

- bodhi_williams

Dylan with a lot of spirit

- melvin_torres

Mi è piaciuto molto e mi ha fatto venir voglia di sentire altro.
Innocent Ones mi è piaciuto meno, non solo per le canzoni, ma proprio per come le suona.

- desmond_sanchez

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