PowerDrive PD2000 2000W Power with Bluetooth Inverter

PowerDrive PD2000 2000W Power with Bluetooth Inverter

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Had one in truck I didn’t own. As soon as I bought my own truck, I bought this unit. I am using it for a fridge and, at times, vacuum. It runs great and I depend on it daily. It hasn’t glitches once. I’ve had it for a couple of months now.

- carmen_jones

im trying out using an inverter instead of lugging around a little generator in my work truck. so i have this bad boy hooked to an auxiliary battery (55AH) charged by my alternator and so far im loving it. i can run skill saw, pvc heaters, hammer drills, and all my battery chargers with no problem.

I load tested this inverter with a string of tempary lights. 150 watt incandescent light bulbs,
it ran 14 of them with no problem(2100watt load),
15 triped the overload warning
true rms meter
amps(ac) 17.4 volts 114.6 (1994w)
amps(dc) 166.3 volts (12.6).(2095w)
thats about 95% efficiency. well over the 90% advertised
havent tested the no load current draw
the Bluetooth features are great power on/off, sleep timer,
adjustable low voltage shutdown.

- elliott_allen

Product worked fantastic for about a month, Bluetooth feature and app are nice features to have. Unfortunately unit stopped working and I haven't been able to get a response from Amazon Warranty Department. Would like to give a higher rating but this was a waste of money if it can't be warrantied.

- tinsley_torres

This was a great buy. My husband has the same brand but the 1500 before this one. He is a truck driver and needed the extra power for his microwave and fridge in his truck. This is perfect. It delivers the extra power and is very quiet. He loves it. The price is great too.

- ashlyn_peterson

The product does its job, but for an off grid system such as mine I would prefer that it didn't waste power illuminating the name and constantly displaying state of charge alternately with the power being used. I'll read the owners' manual/instructions to see if those things can be turned off, although I might open the case and just disconnect the light that advertises the name.

- greyson_richardson

So far, so good! Haven't put much stress on this thing but the app works (once you enable bluetooth correctly) and it's very sturdy. The light on the top is a nice touch, reminds me to turn it off.

- kohen_morgan

I bought this inverter for my truck, ended up leaving a friend have it for his instead. But it came in very handy, he loves that he can cook in his truck now, no more truck stop food.

- saoirse_morris

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