PPD Inkjet Iron-On Light T Shirt Transfer Paper LTR 8.5x11" Pack of 100 Sheets (PPD001-100)

PPD Inkjet Iron-On Light T Shirt Transfer Paper LTR 8.5x11" Pack of 100 Sheets (PPD001-100)

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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I respect and appreciate those companies - they do well for what they make - printers, photo paper, and stickers/labels - and I use them, but with these iron-ons, sorry, theirs just doesn't foot the bill. I think they should get together with this company! With these, the paper comes off - after ironing - easier than those; the ink didn't run in the wash (after waiting 24 hrs. as per instructions - all brands say to), and the glue is less noticeable in the background than the others. Also, with both of the others, the background glue started to peel or crack - as other reviewers had noted. Not so with these. Make sure to follow instructions. (Such as peeling paper either right after or soon after ironing -while still arm. Also, this brand says to wash in warm water - as opposed to the other two - which say cold).

- adonis_hughes

I used this product to make t shirts for a memorial. It worked out pretty well. Part of it I did with an Iron but some of the transfers didn't transfer so I waited for amaxon to deliver my heat press. That worked better. I'm a little mixed on my feelings about it. I would have to try it again and use one method. The price of the transfers prevents me rom doing that right now. My iron is new so I don't think it was due to the temp of the iron. The shirts that did work lasted through one wash so far.

- alice_cooper

I needed 50 and ordered 100, just in case there were mistakes. I have 25 sheets used and they are working out great. I print the design, cut off the excess and iron it on a canvas bag that I will use as a favor for as reunion. Note: Not everyone remembers this when using transfer paper-make sure to print your design BACKWARDS. When you turn it over to iron it will print correctly.

- sterling_wright

It’s so easy to use I have made so many shirts and they look amazing I have my machine on 350 for 15 seconds and peel off after. Only thing I’m not able to say is how they look after being washed I’ll come back and let you know once I wash one. I did use on a dark red shirt and my picture came out dark but you can still see it I just wanted to see what would happen. But I love this paper!!! So easy to use!

- rhys_kim

Printing went smoothly but ironing (even with a heat press) was a disaster. I followed the directions exactly as listed. When you feel the paper off the shirt the remaining image is sticky... so be careful... I ruined 3 shirts when the image touched as I peeled... and forget the 2nd fixing ironing attempt... the image peels right off and sticks to the paper provided... do not waste your time with this product!

- conor_davis

I’m very disappointed with the product. When I first opened the transfer paper and pulled out one of the transfers, the backing came off. Then I tried to print one and it jammed. This was because the back was coming off as it was printing😱😱😱😱All I wanted to do was make shirts for my baby 2nd bday party😭😭😭😭😭

- jaelynn_cook

I use these to personalize my piano students’ canvas bags. They hold up fairly well. I typically replace the bags in two years because the transfer (and often, the bag too) has worn. These are a great price and I will buy them again.

- pablo_adams

This brand was hard to rermove the backing sonce it was ironed onto the fabric. Backing kept sticking and/or film would stick to backing and ruin finished product. Will not order again. Will spend $$$ to get a well known brand thst I can trust.

- julius_scott

They could not be better than this.

- ayden_foster

3 stars awarded for ease of transfers .

- brayan_williams

Used 40 this afternoon and lost none that's pretty good batting average and a good days work...ka ching...

- jack_miller

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