Preston Lee's Beginner English For Portuguese Speakers

Preston Lee's Beginner English For Portuguese Speakers

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By: Kevin Lee and Matthew Preston

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Everything a beginner needs for learning English in one book!

Have fun and learn English the easy way. This book has been written for all ages, children and adults alike.

- 44 excellent lessons

- 88 fun worksheets for easy learning

- Over 100 useful sentence patterns

- Practice tests to reinforce learning

- Step-by-step grammar development

- Frequently used verbs in 4 grammatical forms

- 44 practical and commonly used idioms

- Vocabulary words include Portuguese translations

Preston Lee’s Beginner English for Portuguese Speakers is the absolute best way to learn English. Written by ESL specialists, Kevin Lee and Matthew Preston have taught English as a Second Language for over 20 years around the world.

The lessons in this book have been carefully chosen to help the learner really understand a range of topics for everyday talk.

This best-selling book includes everything you need to become an excellent and fluent English speaker!

The book is descent, I've researched a lot as I am looking to adopt a good book to use in the process of teaching my Brazilian ESOL students. However, I have found small translation mistakes on the book. I have tried to communicate with the author/publisher, but I have not found any information that would lead me to any means of contact. If Portuguese is your first language, you will pick it up too. I believe this was a publishing error, but again, couldn't contact the publisher. I will have to make corrections in class when teaching my students.

- Anonymous

My wife is from Brazil and really thinks this was a great tool to learn with. I bought her the complete set and she loved them all

- Anonymous

The entire book is in English. It doesn't help or support native Portuguese speakers at all.

- Anonymous

You can’t learn English by yourself. Needs someone that can help and teach.

- Anonymous


- Anonymous

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